Live the dream holidaying in Mauritius, Mexico, Dubai and Las Vegas

When skies are grey and the nine to five’s getting you down, you probably start dreaming about just one thing: your perfect summer holiday. Maybe you picture the blue skies, white-sandy beaches and turquoise waters of Mauritius? Perhaps you imagine the bright lights, swanky bars and glitzy casinos in Las Vegas? Or might you dream of something really different, like sandboarding in Dubai’s golden desert or exploring underwater caves in Mexico?

Whatever your dream holiday may be, the guys from the bgo online casino could help you turn it into a reality this month. They’re running a ‘Live the Dream’ promotional campaign until Sunday 31st March. One of their biggest promotions to date, Live the Dream is all about giving you the chance to win incredible prizes (like luxury holidays and cash!) by playing slots, blackjack, roulette and other casino games at bgo. [Read more…]


5 Tips for hiring a car on holiday

Hiring a car can be a scary thing, especially if you’re doing it abroad, and doubly so if it’s the first time you’ve had to go through the hiring experience. We’ve teamed up with leasing experts Compare and Choose to bring you a quick, five-point guide to hiring a car on holiday.

Know the way laws apply across countries

Some of the world’s most popular road trips involve crossing borders, whether it’s only once or multiple times across an entire continent. In a lot of cases, you need written permission from the owner to do this – and if you don’t mention that the car is leased, you could land in a boatload of trouble if the lease expires or you crash somewhere that the insurance doesn’t technically exist.

The same applies for ferries – if your lease expires when you’re mid-trip across national or international waters, things can get fairly muddled, but you’ll probably be in more trouble than the trip was worth. [Read more…]


Top Seven Beach Destinations for a Hen Weekend

If you can’t get enough of sun, sea and sand and count down the seconds until your next holiday,  we have teamed up Last Night of Freedom have rounded up the top seven hen party hotspots you must consider for your hen do.

Upmarket, luxurious and classy, Marbella has always been popular for girls’ weekend away. The classic Costa del Sol haunt has the scorching sun and Champagne spray pool parties aplenty, but what attracts the majority of hen parties are the gorgeous beaches, stretching as far as the eye can see. Plus, Sean Connery used to live here, meaning you can officially call yourself a Bond Girl when partying here.

Jet setting off to far flung corners of the globe is all good and well, but there’ll always be a special place in our hearts for good old Blighty – and Brighton is certainly up there with the very best in Great British seaside resorts. Brighton’s seafront is beautifully bohemian, with quintessential deck chairs and Flake 99s, but the nightlife also has a cheeky twinkle in its eye. You can even take in 360 degree sights of the stunning seaside from a unique 450ft high vantage point, from Brighton’s unique British Airways i360. [Read more…]


Can you live in a motorhome fulltime?

Permanently living in a motorhome is an appealing prospect for some.

The freedom of the open road, being closer to nature and being freed up from some of the constraints of society, are all powerful incentives.

In many respects, the answer is “yes” and this article could end here.  However, life isn’t usually as simple as that and before moving full time into your motorhome, there are a number of issues you will need to be aware of.


There is absolutely no law which prohibits you from living full time in motorhomes.  There are, however, local laws and regulations which very clearly define where you may or may not do so.

For example, if you simply parked up your motorhome in the public street and decided to make that your new location, you might quickly find that local people, your local council and the police might well take steps to make you see things differently.  [Read more…]


Alsace, City Attractions Ideal for a Short Break

Top city attractions include the World Heritage site of Strasbourg, the old districts of Colmar and the stunning museums of Mulhouse. Whatever the choice, every city guarantees a unique experience, luxury hotels and a wide choice of restaurants to enjoy the fine wines and traditional food of Alsace.

Strasbourg , Top City Attractions for a Short Break

At the heart of Alsace, Strasbourg is a delightful city to explore on foot. The Old Town is a world heritage site, all waterways, quaint bridges and pretty lanes lined with traditional flower-draped buildings. The tanners’ house in Petite-France and Maison Kammerzel on Cathedral Square are among the most photographed.

The Gothic cathedral is one of the finest in France, with a 142 metre high façade, a superb rose window, outstanding sculptures and an astronomical clock. The nearby museum is devoted to medieval and Renaissance art and includes original statues and treasures from the cathedral. On the bank of the Ill is the elegant 18th century Chateau des Rohan, a former bishops’ palace now housing several museums.

Strasbourg shares with Brussels the seat of the European Parliament which may be visited at certain times. [Read more…]


Business Class Anyone?

On one of my recent flights the inflight entertainment system was down throughout the entire journey, for all passengers. I thought to myself, thank god I didn’t pay for a Business Class seat. Whilst staring out of my window and passing the time, I started to think of the perks of Business Class, and how different the experience is compared to economy.

I’ve never personally paid for a Business Class seat, but I have been fortunate to have had a couple of free upgrades and some work trips in Business Class. If you’ve not experienced Business Class travel, here’s my take on sitting on the other side of the curtain:

Getting airside is hassle free

Having a Business Class ticket makes you feel a little like royalty even before you board the plane, with your own check-in queue, and even your own passport control queue at some airports. No standing behind the tracksuit family or the guy emigrating with dozens of huge boxes that clearly can’t be checked in.

Free food and drink at the lounge

We all know that airports can be expensive places to eat and drink whilst you wait to board, but not with a Business Class ticket. For those who have splashed out the four-figure sum for their journey, each airline provides a nice quiet comfy lounge for its executive passengers where they can enjoy plenty of free food and drink, including alcohol, before heading to the departure gate. [Read more…]


Ten things to see and do in South Yorkshire

South Yorkshire covers over 150,000 hectares, overlapping the Peak District National Park and including many types of landscapes, from densely populated urban cities to vast moorlands. A population of over 1.3 million people live in the four boroughs of Barnsley, Doncaster, Rotherham and Sheffield.


Barnsley is nestled in the heart of South Yorkshire and in the past it has been home to industries including linen weaving, glass making and of course, coal mining. You will find cafes, theatres, museums and art galleries across the borough as well as a vibrant town centre with a range of shops – from independent stores to national brands. There’s also Barnsley’s market which has a long history as the commercial and social heart of the town.

Doncaster was one of the largest coal mining areas in the UK and coal mined in Doncaster was used in steel production in Sheffield and Rotherham then transported along a vast canal and river network. The town has excellent transport links and many attractions such as Cusworth Hall, Doncaster Racecourse and the Doncaster Museum and Art Gallery.

Rotherham is well known for its industrial heritage, particularly the cast iron and steel industries, and today is at the forefront of advanced engineering in the UK. The Rotherham Renaissance project, started in 2007, continues to create a vibrant town centre including a new theatre, cafes and shops. Rotherham is home to the famous Magna Science Adventure Centre, Clifton Park, Rotherham Minster and Minster Gardens.Sheffield is one of England’s largest cities with an economy built on steel, engineering and cutlery, all of which have an established worldwide reputation. This reputation continues today through Sheffield’s manufacturing industry and advanced engineering. This ethnically diverse city has a thriving cultural and creative industries sector. The music industry is particularly well represented and Sheffield has been the home of several well known bands and musicians. Culturally rich, the city has two major theatres, two art galleries and several museums. The city also boasts some of the finest tree cover, woodlands and countryside in England with a third of Sheffield lying in the Peak District National Park. [Read more…]


It’s Not Too Late for an End of Summer Holiday!

Children back in school? Drat, we guess that means you won’t be able to go anywhere. Actually, that’s not true at all. It’s never too late for a holiday, but you might have to modify when you go, how long you’re going to be gone, and what you plan on doing. The weather is changing, so paying attention to the weather reports is going to be more important. But just because you’re getting a little gloomy at home doesn’t mean that you can’t chase the sunshine!

If the kids are due back in school soon, you still have some time to plan things out. On the other hand, if they’re already back in school, you may have to weigh your options. Usually, if you talk to the teacher you can get all of their work, so that their absence won’t count against them. If the teacher seems hesitant, talk to the office staff. A lot of people take a few days of, but they just have to cover for the time missed. Your children are the same way. Unless the teacher has something that they absolutely have to be in class for, it’s usually okay to miss one or two days.

End of Summer Holiday

From here, you just have to decide where you’re going to go. This is the time of year where flights start to get cheap, because people are expected to be at work or at school. So if you wanted a weekend holiday, you could definitely take one of those.

We always remind people to take out travel insurance, but they don’t always listen. Please understand that you’re always free to make any decision you’d like, but carrying proper travel insurance goes a long way towards peace of mind. Make sure that you don’t mess that up by getting great travel cover well ahead of the time before your trip. You can get quotes online pretty quickly, so there’s really no excuse not to have travel cover these days.

We want you to have a good time and bring back memories you’ll love sharing with your friends. So don’t overthink things, okay? Pick a holiday getaway, check rates, make the reservations, don’t skip the travel insurance and certainly pack a digital camera or two. You’re bound to have a great time!