Visit Tenerife This Easter

The countdown has begun until the most anticipated holiday of spring. Easter Sunday is March 31st, and if you don’t have your plans set yet, now is the time to finalise your Easter plans. This year though, why not try something different? Instead of sticking to the same tradition, treat the family to an exciting and memorable holiday by heading to Tenerife.

Beautiful turquoise waters, sunny skies, dramatic volcanic mountains and breathtaking scenery – how much more convincing could one really need? Tenerife, the largest of the seven Canary Islands, makes for an ideal holiday because of warm temperatures year-round and family-friendly activities.

Planning a Trip

Getting there is easy. The Mediterranean island is just over four hours away from the UK by plane. There is an excellent array of resorts with free activities and water parks geared toward kids and families. Some of the top beachside choices include Playa de las Americas and Costa Adeje. Those who are more interested in experiencing the rustic culture of Tenerife should head inland to the Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

Visit Tenerife

Easter Celebrations

Easter is the holiest time of the year for the Roman Catholic Church. While Tenerife is a relaxing getaway, it’s also a great way to experience the holiday’s religious importance and the traditions that many Spaniards in the Canary Islands take part in.

Catch some of the processions and festivities throughout the holy week, known as Semana Santa. For the most religious celebrations, head to La Laguna and Adeje. Other great cities to observe the festivities include Garachico, Puerto de la Cruz, Los Realejos and La Oratova.

Family Fun Activities

The sprawling and geographically diverse island is the ideal playground for those who love outdoor adventures and animal watching. Catch some sun and waves along the 350km of coastline. The best beaches for families include Playa Fenabe, which is good for several water sports, El Medano, known for its windsurfing, and Play de las Teresitas. When you’re not frolicking in water or scuba diving, take the kids on a boat trip to spot whales and dolphins. The landscape inland makes for great hikes and unique experiences. Kids can explore the volcano of Mount Tiede. There is a cable car option for families with small children. If you’re not afraid to get close to the animals, then hop on a camel or pony for a fun ride in el Tanques Camello Centre.

Just make sure you bring your travel-size, and of course a, stylish alarm clock to wake you up early enough so that you don’t sleep half the day away. After all, there are still parrots and penguins to see at Loro Parque, tunnels of luarisilva to explore and more beaches to test out.


Holidays at Easter in the UK

More and more people are choosing to take their holidays in Easter rather than the summer. This is because more people are staying in the UK for their holidays because of the poor state of the economy and so it gets very crowded in the summer because of the long school holidays. Of course, the weather in Easter may not be as good but it is getting warmer at this time of the year. If you can time it outside of school holidays then the prices could be a lot lower than taking a holiday in the summer.

It does start to get warmer down south more quickly in the year and so it might be wise to head south if you are taking a break at Easter. There are a lot of nice places to visit in Devon and Cornwall, both of which have great coastlines with lots of lovely beaches. There is also Dorset and even Kent on the south coast which can also offer great beaches.

If you prefer something inland then Gloucestershire could be worth a visit. It will not be quite as warm but you will avoid some of the tourists going at this time of the year and will be able to visit the quaint villages and lovely countryside with less congestion and crowds. It will have some tourists but be less busy than in the height of summer.

If you like to go to church at Easter then it is wise to check for your nearest church when booking your holiday. It is likely that there will be one nearby but if you want one of a particular denomination then you may have to look harder. It should be easy enough to find one if you plan in advance and search on the Internet before you go.