Taking a Cruise Holiday

If you are thinking of taking a holiday this year, then why not consider a cruise. It might be something that you have never considered before or perhaps something that you think is only for retired middle class people. However, cruises are not like they used to be. They are far more family orientated, cheaper and have lots more things to do so cater more for everyone.

Cruise holidays can be something that can be a great alternative to a normal family holiday abroad. This year, many companies are hoping that they can make more money than they did last year. This means that they might be offering some good deals, especially if you leave booking to the last minute. Being on a cruise is like living on a floating hotel. There are normal swimming pools, games to play, entertainment and the rooms are well equipped as well. There are restaurants and bars too. Some ships are more catered to the needs of families than others as are the tours themselves.

Cruise Holiday

The tours that cruise ships tend to do will vary. They sometimes have an art theme, are historical or based around the countries that they are visiting. Some of these themes would be more suited to family travel than others. Some do not have a theme but just an itinerary so you can decide exactly how to spend your time.

The price of a cruise may seem expensive but it is worth thinking hard about the price of a hotel holiday. You will not get all of the same things included in the package and you will also not be moving from place to place. A cruise is generally more luxurious with more comfortable rooms and linen, something that would be associated with quite a high star rated hotel. With everything normally inclusive during a cruise, it means that you do not have to worry about additional costs. However, other comparable holiday may not be all inclusive and so the costs can mount up. So when comparing costs think about the expenses that have not been included as well.

A cruise can be a lot more relaxing that other types of holiday. Floating on the sea can give a relaxed atmosphere anyway but the fact that you are being well looked after and do not have to worry about doing anything. Some holidays can be quite stressful for some members of the party if they have to do the cooking, washing, driving or whatever. So the relaxation of a cruise can be a much better holiday choice.


10 reasons why you should consider a Cruise Holiday

There are cruise options for all kinds of budgets, whether you’re looking for an all-inclusive cruise holiday or a short mini cruise where accommodation, food and activities are paid for. When you consider the costs of a regular holiday – flights, hotels, food and transport, things can begin to be very expensive. With the cruise market being highly competitive, finding good deals isn’t difficult. But cruises aren’t just great value, there’s plenty more to them than that.


The appeal of going on a cruise holiday is that there is very little stress involved when compared to a traditional holiday. There is no waiting around in departure lounges, travelling and checking into hotels, or trying to find good restaurants. Holiday cruises cover all your options!

Varied Holiday

With cruise companies operating all over the globe, you can go on a cruise holiday wherever you want. The added bonus of being on a ship is that you’re never in the same place for too long, meaning you can experience a broad range of exotic locations in as little as a week.

Culinary explorations

With a range of different restaurants on board, you can be dining in a formal ballroom one night and a bistro the next. Cruise liners pride themselves on the varied high quality food they provide, meaning that you can treat your taste buds every day of your cruise holiday.

Special interests

There are many cruise holidays that cater especially for certain groups, so whether you’re a film fanatic or a salsa lover, finding a holiday to share with likeminded people is always possible.


Most cruise liners have a range of spas on board, meaning you can be soaking up the rays by the pool or having a relaxing massage and facial within hours of beginning your cruise. With a number of facilities, finding something to decrease your stress levels and increase your feel good factor is guaranteed.


Cruises are perfect for couples wanting to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. How else can you travel the world, visit many locations, taste the finest food and drink whilst being surrounded by luxury? There are cruise packages designed for all types of people, so be sure to have a look at Cumbria cruises to find exactly what you want.


For those who like to stay active on holiday or simply want to keep the kids entertained, there are a number of facilities to keep you active and entertained. With many cruise liners being fitted with state of the art gyms, pools, gym classes and sports facilities, there is something for everyone.


Organising a holiday for a large family can be extremely time consuming and stressful. Cruise holidays are a great option for families as they are designed to be stress free, offering all the facilities you and your family could ever need. The parents can hang out at the bar or bask in the sun whilst the children play in the pool or take part in the activities available. Cruise liners are extremely safe places and there is no worrying about your children going missing, allowing you to relax and make the most of your holiday.


Cruise holidays offer great variety and value within a luxury setting, meaning that your average cruise holiday goer is always highly satisfied with their holiday.  There are many cruise providers so be sure to check out the Cumbria cruise website to find the cruise holiday of your dreams.