Top 10 European Destinations

With the largest concentration of different cultures and countries than any other continent it’s no surprise that Europe is the most popular travel destination.

Each country is worthy of a visit itself and the fact that it’s so easy to go from city to city and country to country means tourists are spoilt for choice on their dream holiday.

More and more people are choosing to take Europe tours as they can get so much more value from their money. Once in Europe visiting other European countries is a breeze. There are loads of cheap flights and airlines willing to take you anywhere in Europe at the drop of a hat.

There’s obviously far too many destinations and countries to talk about in one go but these are the Top 10 European Destinations which are simply a must visit.

1: France


Start off in the city of love with cheap flights to Paris making it the perfect first stop on your European adventure. Visit the Eiffel Tower, The Louvre and all the other attractions which make this one of the most popular countries on the planet!

2: Spain


To the south you can move into Spain and there’s no better example of the cross section of cultures right nest to each other. Visit the beaches, experience the nightlife and if you time it right even run with the bulls!

3: Italy


To the east you’ll find Italy and with it some of the most glorious food and wine anywhere in the world. Immerse yourself in the vibrant local life and eat until you can’t eat any more!

4: Greece


After Italy you’ll want to relax and what better place than a gorgeous Greek beach. Get the true Mediterranean experience and hope from Athens through the Aegan Sea, if you’re up for it maybe even Ibiza!

5: Germany

Munichs Oktoberfest

Change pace once more and head back north to the heartland of Germany. The museums and historical tours are a must visit but so to are the Bavarian plains and of course Munich’s Oktoberfest! [Read more…]


What Makes Holland a Great Tourist Destination?

The low-lying Kingdom of the Netherlands is not only well known for its cheese and windmills – this country, which is found in the western part of Europe, still has much more to offer to its tourists, and there are actually enough reasons why people keep coming back.

Here are some of the reasons why Holland is a great place to visit:

A Place Wealthy of Museums

If you are an art lover, you must visit Holland for it has several museums that will surely delight your eyes.  The Rijksmuseum is one of the museums that house the most complete painting collections in the world; this includes some famous works of Van Gogh, Rembrandt, Steen, and Vermeer.  However, if you are more attracted to modern arts, the Stedelijk Museum will satisfy you more.

The Windmills of Holland

There are many places to visit in Holland other than its windmills, but this doesn’t mean that is not a major attraction.  Get close to them and have your pictures taken in front of the windmills – this is the best way to appreciate it.

A Taste of Their Cheese

Holland is also known for cheese production. The city of Alkmaar organizes a cheese market every Friday from early morning to noon time.  In here, you’ll see and taste different kinds of cheeses, and if ever you will have a big purchase, there will be porters who are ready to assist you.

The Hoge De Veluwe National Park

This is one of the most frequented tourist spots in Holland because of its abundant forests.  You’ll find different animals, such as wild boar, mouflen and red as well as roe deer.  You can ride on a bus going to the train station of Appledom that will then lead you to the park.  From there, you will be given a bicycle that you’ll use to explore the park.


Rotterdam is another place in Netherlands where you’ll find a great art museum, which is known as the Boymans van Beuningen Museum.


This is the capital city of Netherland, which is famous for its very active nightlife, museums, shops, and a lot more.  This is, in other words, a place where the word “boring” is nowhere to be found.  You will enjoy the natural beauty of nature through its abundant gardens and parks and have a unique experience through its historical canals.  The Red Light District of Amsterdam is a great attraction as it displays the open-mindedness of people living here.