Top 4 Places to Visit in Europe

Europe is a vast and magical continent with dozens of stunning and picturesque countries to visit. Unfortunately, visiting all of these countries can be incredibly expensive, which is why it’s important to choose the ones you really want to see. Whether you’re travelling with your family, friends or spouse, there are many places to visit that will appeal to just about anybody. Here are some of the best places to visit in Europe:

Barcelona, Spain


Barcelona lies in the heart of Spain, to the north-east of the country, and is a beautiful place to visit. You can take a trip to the Basilica of the Sagrada Familia, a landmark which has beautiful architecture inside and out. You can also visit the Magic Fountain of Montjuic, which is a must-see when visiting this city. There are also various museums that you can take a trip to, including those which features the works of Salvador Dali and Pablo Picasso. Camp Nou is a football stadium, so the football fans can pay a visit to Spain’s largest stadium.

Brussels, Belgium


Brussels is the home of the European Parliament, but it is also a lovely city to visit if you’re in Europe. It’s a great place to visit with your family, and has plenty to offer, including Mini Europe, an attraction which displays the main landmarks in Europe in miniature form. The Musical Instrument Museum offers affordable admission prices, and you can view more than 8,000 instruments under this roof. To end your day, you can visit the famous Mannekin Pis and make a wish.

Paris, France


The city of love – the perfect place to visit with your partner, is located in France and has much to offer. Whether you take a romantic stroll along the canal or take a trip up the Eiffel Tower for a beautiful view of the city, Paris is nothing short of spectacular. While you’re there, don’t forget to try out the wonderful French cuisine, cheese and wine and other local dishes.

London, United Kingdom


The capital of the United Kingdom, this city is full of hustle and bustle whatever the time of year. Among the things to do include a visit to the waxworks museum Madame Tussauds, a ride on the London Eye and a walk around the incredible Westminster Abbey. Don’t forget to finish off your trip with afternoon tea or a traditional British meal in a local pub.


Europe’s most cultural holiday locations revealed

Are you planning your next trip to Europe but wanting to skip all the sun, sea and sand in favour of something more cultural? Perhaps it could be the Colosseum in Rome or Le Louvre in Paris? There are many destinations to choose from – whether you want a weekend surrounded by Gothic splendour or the Renaissance glories of Venice.

Here is a list of some of Europe’s most cultural holiday locations:


Certainly one of the most romantic destinations in Europe, Venice’s elaborate system of canals, remarkable bridges and evocative piazzas have been inspiring and enchanting lovers for centuries. Unmatched in elegance, this city exudes both traditional and modern charm while much of its historical infrastructure remains intact. Ensure that you take a trip along the Grand Canal – a quintessential activity while in the city. Short breaks to Venice can be in high demand come high season, but for good reason: Venice is truly a European city that lives up to its hype.


Famous for Gaudi’s extraordinary architecture, as well as the more modernist architectural gems in the Eixample district, Barcelona is one of Europe’s most popular destinations. Whether you are a family looking for a weekend cultural break, a couple looking for a romantic escapade or a group of fashionistas looking for a weekend doing some shopping, Barcelona has much to offer. With its hip boutiques, traditional bars and fashionable restaurants, as well as some of the world’s most cosmopolitan nightlife, the city has something for everyone.


No historic or European cultural trip is complete without a visit to Berlin’s “Checkpoint Charlie”. Here you will learn about the infamous wall that divided East and West Berlin for so long. If you would like a loftier view of the city, take a trip to the Brandenburg Gate or the TV Tower. Berlin also offers many boutiques, bars and restaurants in the Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg district, where many young artists have set up in the old warehouses and industrial buildings.


One of the world’s most romantic destinations, Paris remains the heart and soul of French culture. Steeped in history, charm, elegance and art, the city provides a romantic vista of riverside bistros serving delicious fare, streets adorned with café’s and bars, exotic dancing, all-night drinking, and many a weekend’s worth of galleries and museums.


The largest city of the Baltic States, Riga in Latvia offers the lively cosmopolitan buzz of a dynamic European city as well as a whole host of historic and cultural attractions. Riga’s city centre is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, offering some of the most striking Art Nouveau architecture to be found on the continent. From art to entertainment there is much to keep you occupied as you work your way through the city’s grand selection of galleries, museums and venues. Riga’s towering TV and Radio Tower is the tallest modern structure in all the Baltic States.


Budget Friendly Destinations: The Recession Doesn’t Have To Stop Your Vacations & Fun

The recession has everyone in a rut. If you are lucky enough to still be able to vacation, consider yourself lucky. There aren’t many people like you. With that said lets get to business. Listed below are several destinations that won’t break your bank and have you yearning for more. Who says travel always needs to be high-end and luxurious? What ever happened to the adventure?


Bangladesh is probably one of the cheapest places to vacation in the world right now. There are few places you can get a hot meal for 1$, and even fewer places where you can rent a room at a nice hotel for 10 times that. Tiger watching, surfing, trekking, and mountain hiking are just a few activities you can on the cheap. If that doesn’t satisfy you, rent a paddle boat and explore. I promise, Bangladesh will not leave you disappointed.


A lot of places tend to start inflating their prices once tourist pour in. Nicaragua is free from all of that, thank God. A measly 15$ a day can get you by with good food, fun activities, and some memory making experiences. Just make a quick search on Google and look how beautiful their country is!

Washington, DC

If you already live in the states why not vacation in the country? Keeping it local helps the economy and you learn a little bit of history too. Washington is a state that is jam-packed with American culture, history, and memorials. Not to mention that most of these places don’t charge a fee to get in! Did you read that correctly? Free!


Paris will never be a budget-friendly vacation destination. However you can get plenty of local food, shows, and entertainment on the cheap. You just have to look. A Google search will reveal so much to. There are many small businesses that welcome tourist and explorers. They want your money and they are willing to slash their prices to get it!


The Philippines are known for many things, but only one really stands out. Exotic beaches with blue water and beautiful people who are friendly and receptive. The Philippines never really recovered from the Asian economy crash so most things are cheap. Street vendors sell great, hot food for a buck or less. If you’re willing to take out 3 dollars you can get an excellent course of meals at any local restaurant.

Wherever you are and whoever you are don’t let the recession stop your vacations. Take advantage of these small countries and their weak, over-inflated currencies. You’ll have an enjoyable time and at the same time you are helping some one else make a living.


How to Find an Accommodation in Paris

Beautiful Paris

Someone visiting Europe and not visiting Paris can´t ever be forgiven. Paris is one of the most beautiful cities that one can never get enough of. There is so much to see and do in Paris; it can fill the entire time sheet of your vacation. However, the first thing to do when you are on a tour is to secure a good place to stay.

Accommodation in Paris is a tricky business. Good hotels are expensive. Then rooms have to be available. Not many prefer to stay in hotels, especially holidaymakers who are always on a tight budget. If the budget is all taken up by the hotel tariff, then half the fun in having a holiday is lost.

However, there are private accommodations available that can help you out. These private accommodations are generally much cheaper than hotels and are available for booking on many sites on net.

Enjoy your stay

You can use comparison sites as they are uncommon arrangement to get the world to pool their hosts and guests together. Any host who is willing to put up a guest or two, can register at these comparison sites and advertise their property, giving complete details about the offer and the amenities that will be provided. Any guest, who is looking for an accommodation, can log in at comparison sites, using his FaceBook account details. He can then enter his travel destination and the dates of stay to search for an accommodation.

He can select his accommodation, for example, in Paris, based on the location, distance from important places, tariff and other specifics that are important to him. Booking on the site is possible, provided the accommodation chosen is available on the dates of his interest.

Once the stay is over, comments can be entered by both, host and guest at the comparison website. This ensures that trips are made more reliable, and they become a more trusting experience for both.