29 May 2024

11 Top Tips for European Travel

Europe has it all; wonderful landscapes, fascinating cultural histories and a famous array of vibrant cities and gorgeous sandy beaches. All year round travellers flock to Europe’s most popular destinations to explore the most famous sights, sounds and attractions to discover something new.

To ensure your next European adventure is a smooth and enjoyable trip I’ve shared our eleven top travel tips.

Download a free travel guide

Far better than the overpriced guide book in the airports arrival lounge there are numerous free travel guides online from bloggers that will provide safe passage to the best attractions and accommodation.

Venture into the backstreet restaurants

The most authentic and tantalising cuisine is often found in the backstreet restaurants. Away from the busy high street you will also be able to soak up the destinations natural ambience.

Save pennies from off season travel

Timing is everything and if you’re on a tight budget we recommend you travel after August to avoid the costs of peak season travel. Off season travel is also a real advantage as it allows you to avoid the crowds.

Eat like the locals

Savour the local cuisine and tuck into the delicacies on offer. Trattoria in Italy, Gaufres in Belgium and Meze in Greece all come recommended as local snacks. There are plenty of options that won’t break the bank.

Travel with friends and meet new ones

Ease the burden of travelling with a friend to help you navigate your route. Travel companions will be able to share useful insights and the best places to visit.

Ask for a deal on your accommodation

Off season accommodation is rarely full and if you’re pitching up on the day to book a room the likelihood is that room won’t be booked unless you book it. Offer a lower but fair price and you’ll be sure to get a deal.

Plan your trip around a festival

European festivals are acclaimed worldwide and you wouldn’t want to miss out on the experience. Oktoberfest in Germany is best if you enjoy a hearty beer.

Allow yourself the odd splurge

All seasoned travellers will acknowledge travelling can be tiresome and occasionally it’s a good idea to treat yourself to a splurge. A spa or massage day is a great way to unwind and ease aching bones.

Kick back and enjoy the beaches

Europe is blessed with many outstanding beaches providing a nice break from the hustle and bustle of city life. Why not spend a few days on the sun lounger in Barcelona?

Stay safe with a money belt

We couldn’t go through the list without one safety requirement. Strap up tight with a money belt and avoid being victim to pickpockets. Some of the belts are actually quite fashionable.

Deftly use your haggling skills

Master this technique and you’ll be sure to make great savings on your travels. No trip is complete without memorabilia to take home from the local markets stalls and shops.