29 May 2024

3 beautiful National Parks in South Korea

South Korea is really interesting and beautiful country with incredible nature, high mountains and fantastic beaches. There are many places which you should visit in this beautiful country. Below are three places which will definitely make your vacationĀ  relaxing and pleasant as never before. These are three National parks with amazing nature and picturesque landscape. They are places where you can easy forget about the daily stress and fully enjoy your deserved holiday.

Seoraksan National Park is one of the most beautiful places in the world where you will see many fantastic views. It is unique, because it is located between mountain and sea, and also includes four big cities. You can always reserve a room in some hotel in Sokcho, Yanyana, Inje and Gosona and visit the park during your free time. There you will see the incredible beauty of the nature, many hotĀ  springs, hot pools and colorful temples where you can relax and learn more4 about the local traditions and customs. If you will have a chance to visit the park in autumn, then you will be lucky to see how the whole park looks like mosaic of bright colors. The yellow, red and green leaves of the trees will easy make your vacation pleasant and memorable.

Odaesan National Park is located south from Soraksan park and also offers its visitors unique and unforgettable beauty. There are also many picturesque views and temples which will make you feel good without much efforts. The park is a place where you can see more than 1000 species of flowers and trees. The unique botanical garden will give you the great opportunity to walk among fantastic beauty. If you visit the park during the spring, then you will enjoy the most colorful landscape in your life. The two temples which you will find in the beginning of the park will easy remind you about the greatest past and bright future of South Korea. These temples are among the most beautiful religious buildings in the world and you will be really surprised by their awesome architecture and simplicity. There you will be able to see bronze bell manufactured in 725 AD.

Songnisan National Park is situated in central South Korea and it is a place where you can easy find inner peace of the soul and mind. There are many beautiful hiking and walking tracks which will allow you to see one very different South Korea. It does not matter where you want to spend your days in Songnisan National Park. The hotels and camp sites are really close to the nature and you will easy feel the reloading power of the nature without any obstacles. Like most of the parks in South Korea, here you will also see many ancient Buddhist temples. Songnisan National Park is the place where you can see a large statue of Buddha which is high 33 meters. So, do not be surprised if you see many monks and people following Buddhism. It is sacred place for them.