17 June 2024

5 things to see and do in France

France is truly a world class destinations, with lots of lazing around on the beautiful beaches, visiting iconic landmarks, and strolling through picture perfect villages. There’s also the country’s resistible charm, distinctive cuisine, and fairy-tale castles to rent.

List of things to do in France are endless. Luckily, we’ve shorten down our round up to the top 5 things.


A trip to France would not be complete without going shopping. Tourist can get a good bargain at flea markets, pick up souvenirs at gift stores, or shop at well-known brand stores. You’re really spoilt for choice here, as France has fabulous destinations besides Paris to spend some cash and spoil yourself rotten.


Skiing as a family is a magical experience, from the cosy evenings by the fireplace, to the first time on the slopes. Ski lovers will have an unforgettable experience in France, as they have the best ski resorts in the worlds including Val d’Isère, Chamonix and Mirebel.  Skiing is certainly something you should attempt at least once in your life.

French Cuisine

There are so many amazing cuisines in the world, but none compare to the French. People imagine that French cuisine is fancy, and extremely pricey. In reality, French Cuisine comes down to delicious new flavours, and amazing techniques to make you truly enjoy your food each and every time you take a mouth-watering bite.

Sight seeing

Your holiday can’t be complete without checking out the incredibly tourist attractions. There’s so many iconic places throughout France that attract so many tourists from all over the world. Some that come to mind include the Eiffel Tower in Paris, The beautiful island commune of Mont Saint-Michel, the glamorous French Riviera and Lyon which is home to astonishing museums and palaces.

Night Out

There are so many things to do in France by night. If you’re into opera, classical music or ballets,  you will find something that you like. Or If you want to party all night, you can go to one of the many nightclubs. And when you start to feel hungry, there are so many foodie spots open all night. France is truly special during the nights, you have to experience it for yourself.

To conclude, France has hundreds of things to do that suitable for all ages.  It’s no wonder the country attractions millions of visitors year on year.  So be sure to check out France and enjoy your holiday!