29 May 2024

A guide to portable BBQs

There are many reasons why portable BBQs are a fantastic investment and you’ll find that most of the top brands, including Weber, have a wide range of these types of grills from which you can choose.

As their name suggests, portable BBQs are a lot lighter and easier to carry than their larger and traditional counterparts, and I think if you like to cook food in this way and enjoy exploring the great outdoors, these should definitely be at the top of your shopping list. Make sure you buy a portable BBQ from a brand that is known for quality, though – you don’t want to get all the way to your campsite to find out the item isn’t fit for purpose!

Below is a guide to the benefits and uses of portable barbecues:

You can take them anywhere

This might seem obvious, but if you fancy nipping round to a friend’s house for a barbecue (and they don’t own one) or you like to go camping and on outdoor adventures, having a Weber portable BBQ to hand means you have the freedom to do so whenever you like. When camping, you’ll often be in the middle of nowhere or on a budget. Being able to set up a barbecue and whip up tasty food, such as grilled vegetable kebabs, sausages and chicken, will certainly prove convenient and a fun way to spend a relaxing evening.

They’re also fantastic for last-minute getaways. If you decide to escape to the beach for the weekend, there’s no need to worry about where to eat or whether you can afford to go. Just grab your portable BBQ and some food from the fridge and you’ll have everything you need!

You can buy them in gas and charcoal

You’ll probably have your own opinions as to which type of BBQ you prefer, but the great thing about portable grills is that they come in both charcoal and gas, like the full-sized versions. If you want your food to have that unique chargrilled flavour, invest in a charcoal portable barbecue such as the Weber Smokey Joe. These are perfect if there are two or three of you – or perhaps you’re enjoying a break alone. Whether you’re having a day out on the beach or are deep in the woods, it’s big enough to cook enough food to fill you, but small enough to be easily carried.

If you’re a little bit impatient and like your barbecues to be at the perfect cooking temperature as quickly as possible, snap up a gas portable BBQ. These are powered with convenient gas cylinders that you can (responsibly, of course) dispose of when empty.

They won’t break the bank

Despite the fact they are lightweight and convenient, portable BBQs are actually really affordable – I was surprised just how so. Whether you use it all the time or on just a few occasions each year, you’ll certainly get your money’s worth. This is especially the case due to their small size, as they don’t need as much fuel and if you’re in a small group, there won’t be wasted heat and plate space, as there would be on a full-sized model. Think of all the cash you can save on camping and self-catering holidays if you have a Weber portable grill to hand!

If you have used portable BBQs before, what other benefits do these products have?