29 May 2024

A Trip To St. Lucia Could Be More Interesting Than You Think

When you’ve already been a seasoned traveler for a long time, your needs are different than someone that’s just starting out. To the newbie, everywhere is a wonderland. Everywhere holds adventure and new promises. However, when you’ve already been to ten, fifteen, or even twenty different destinations, you might be fighting a completely different problem entirely. You might be worried about the type of holiday that you can honestly have when you’ve already been to so many different places.

So where do you go next? Well, you really might want to start thinking about St. Lucia. It’s actually a Caribbean country that you might not have any idea about, but don’t worry — it’s definitely worth visiting!

Saint Lucia is an island country that is property of the British Commonwealth. It is north of Trinidad and Tobago. One of the most striking features about this island nation are the two mountain peaks of the island. They are very beautiful and cone-shaped at the same time.

As you might imagine, tourism is definitely a big deal in Saint Lucia. January to April is the dry season — very warm, and perfect for travel. But just because you’re thinking about a winter getaway doesn’t mean that St. Lucia doesn’t offer you anything. You can still get a nice holiday in, but it might be a little wetter than you expected. It is a tropical paradise, after all and there’s got to be rain in order for all that lush greenery to stay green!

In order to get in, you need to make sure that you have your passport as well as a visa if you come from a country that requires a visa. Generally speaking, if you are from North America or Europe, chances are good that you really don’t need a visa. However, it definitely doesn’t hurt to ask ahead of time before you even start planning your trip. You must make sure that you have return ticket proof showing that you have plans to leave the country. Immigration is taken seriously on the island, so you want to make sure that you make it perfectly clear that you plan to visit only.

Getting around the island can be a little overwhelming for newcomers because driving is done on the left side. So if you’re not used to that, we recommend making sure that you really do take the time to either take the buses or taxis. Water taxis are also very common, and they give you a cool way to check out everything that the island has to offer.

Speaking of, let’s get to that in just a moment. The island is a haven for wildlife, and nature enthusiasts can really get an eyeful of colorful wildlife that they might not see anywhere else.

English is spoken heavily through the island, so there shouldn’t be any problem getting around or communicating.

A few highlights of the island would have to be the twin peaks, which a lot of people end up climbing. It’s not super difficult, but it does take effect. The trail starts at 600 feet above sea level and goes all the way up to 2600 feet. You will need to make sure that you have a guide so that you can pace yourself and that you also have help if there was an emergency situation.

Of course, since we’re talking about an island country, the usual water activities are a given. For example, you can actually snorkel as well as swim in the sea. Rainforest hiking is also very popular, and there are many well marked and maintained trails for you to choose from. The island’s forestry department simply asks tourists not to litter or foul up the natural beauty and scenery of the trials, or to feed the wildlife. This upsets the natural balance, as you can imagine.

There are plenty of great markets on the island, which means that fresh food isn’t hard to get. Eating local is very easy here, and Caribbean food definitely reigns supreme. Since the island was once owned by France as well as England, you’ll find great cuisine choices from both. In addition, the food is also not that expensive.

This is also an island that knows how to party — weekly festivals sand parties are the norm, which means that you will get to sample local food and have a good time. Fresh veggies and fish are the order of the day, along with plenty of spices that will keep you guessing.

Like other places in the Caribbean, there are liquors to try. Rum is the island staple, but you can find just about anything.

The local accommodations are also stunning, and there’s some for every budget. If you want luxury — you can definitely find it at the resorts. If you want more of a bare bones yet comfortable space, you can find that too.

Overall, there’s something for everyone in Saint Lucia. It’s a very laid back Caribbean island with a lot of local style and flavor to check out for yourself!