30 May 2024

Been There, Done That – Rekindling the Joy of Travel

Are you feeling burned out on travel? If you’re not feeling the joys of traveling anymore, then it might be time to step back and figure out why. You could be coming to a point where you just don’t want to travel anymore because you’re bored. You might even think that you’ve seen it all. Well, we’re here to help you rekindle the joy of traveling again. It’s something that we think that everyone can benefit from. The ancient Greek people believed that travel was the mark of a truly enlightened and intellectual mind. If you stayed in one place your whole life without exploring the world around you, you were considered just common folk; not really worth engaging in advanced conversation. Thankfully times have changed so that just about everyone can travel if they really want to. It’s just a matter of wanting to travel.

Look at the places you’ve been already. If you find that you’re getting burned out, you might need to look at what you’re doing on vacation. Are you going to the same places over and over? How are you getting there? For example, some people are tired of traveling by air, so they’re now thinking about traveling by boat. Cruises are good for exploring countries from a completely different perspective. Also, if you’ve always just gone on vacation to relax, why not think about some adventure? You can go on “adrenaline trips” where you can go on safari tours or go whitewater rafting or just about anything else. You don’t have to feel like it’s impossible to cut loose and have a good time on vacation. Far too often when people tell us they’ve been there done that, they’ve only “been there done that” through one perspective. Exploring a country inside and out is really the way to go.

If you’ve viewed a country from a “budget” perspective, why not view it from a luxurious one? Likewise you can turn it the other way around. If you’ve gone through a country with nothing but high dollar living, you might want to try to live like one of the everyday people that call the country in question home.

In addition, notice that we’re talking about whole countries. It’s unlikely that any traveler has been to every city of every country around the world. They’re usually talking about a handful of cities and they’re ignoring all of the other places within the country that might be interesting. If you’ve only been to the cities, you might want to check out the rural towns as well. They have a lot of history and culture, and the people that call those rural nations home are good people as well. The local cuisine will be different as you move from place to place, and there are definitely a lot of different foods to try. It’s funny that food has so much variety depending on where you go!

One reason why some travelers feel that they’re bored is that they’ve always traveled by themselves, or with the same group of people. Folks, we’re here to tell you that it’s okay to mix it up once in a while. That means if you’re just used to traveling by yourself, you might want to add in a travel group. Sure, there are different things that you have to think about, but there’s nothing wrong with being able to see a country from a different perspective.

If you’ve been following along with this guide all this time, you might notice a theme — the perspective and the experience. These are two concepts that will serve you well as a traveler. You need to make sure that you truly do your best to get things done as a traveler. The main mission you have while traveling is to see life in a perspective that’s foreign from everyday life, and it’s also to create experiences that will truly last a lifetime.

Can that take time? Yes. This is why the rise of the Internet is so important when it comes to travel. You don’t have to work through these problems on your own. Joining a travel forum can help you uncover parts of a city that you might have not even realized existed. You can also chat with people that are excited about a new country to visit and team up with them to travel together. You don’t need to assume that travel groups have to be all from the same hometown. In fact, if you can team up with people that you don’t really know, that creates a whole different experience!

Overall, if you’re trying to rekindle that joy of travel that you’ve had all these years, these tips will definitely help you continue to “travel” in that direction — no joke!