14 April 2024

&Beyond Africa – Find your Dream destinations

Africa is the perfect destination for a fun-filled and thrilling vacation in the wilderness. It is an amazing continent filled with natural wonders, unspoiled destinations, rich culture, abundant wildlife and enchanting landscapes. People go on African safaris to explore the wilderness, enjoy adventures and refresh their mind. Majority of the tourists crave to go on another Africa safari after their first visit. It is such a mesmerizing destination which can fill your life with happy memories.

Whenever you are traveling with family, it is important to ensure that the trip is well planned, safe and also enjoyable. Going on African safari with family will surely be a lifelong memorable vacation but it is equally important to make it a safe and secure one. The first most important thing to be done when planning for a visit to Africa is to find a good tour operator. There are hundreds of Africa safari tour operators on the internet but the problem is in identifying which is the best and relevant one for your requirements. The safari packages provided by tour operators should be all inclusive which means it should include travel plan, accommodation, food and other necessary arrangements. Most of the Africa safaris are undertaken in deep forests and wildlife reserves. Hence proper safety measures need to be provided so that tourists can enjoy a pleasant journey. Many hotels and lodges provide comfortable and luxurious accommodation with delicious food for best possible prices.

Selecting a suitable and comfortable accommodation is vital for your family to have a great experience. Health, comfort and safety should be on the priority list when traveling with family especially kids. Necessary vaccinations should be taken for protecting yourself from health hazards. In addition you also need to carry medicines for extra protection. Check before the trip whether the lodge you choose allows children. Some lodges have age restrictions and do not allow children below a particular age. Some of the famous safari lodges which are found adjoining game reserves are Chobe safari lodge, Savute safari lodge, Camp Moremi, Kruger National park accommodation and so on. These lodges are located nearby the respective national parks and provide luxurious accommodation facilities with world class amenities for a perfect stay. They can be booked through African safari tour operators. Precautions and suggestions for a perfect African safari experience can be obtained from tour operators prior to the trip.

&BeyondAfrica is a specialist tour company providing family friendly, exciting and affordable Africa safari packages. They also provide options for customizing the safari according to your requirements, budget, duration of trip and special interests. Take your family on a fabulous vacation with & BeyondAfrica.