29 May 2024

Claim Your Stake In a Good Monaco Holiday!

Tiny nations might seem funny, but independence is something that’s truly worth cherishing. If you’ve got some holiday time coming up and you really want to get away from life, heading out to Monaco is a great way to go.

Monaco? Really? Absolutely! A lot of people sell Monaco short but it’s truly an interesting little country! Are you looking for more information on Monaco? Jump on into this guide — you won’t be disappointed at all!

First and foremost, you need to make sure that you understand a little more about the region. Monaco is a constitutional monarchy and a fully independent state. The country relies on banking as well as tourism, so you will plenty to do if that’s what you really want.

Planning your trip is going to be the most important. Don’t wait till the last minute, because you will end up having to take “the scraps” in terms of accommodations and even rentals, and who wants to do that. No, you will need to ensure that you start booking things in advance. There’s really no need for a car, because there are plenty of transit options.

Monaco is a country with some steep elevations, so you will have some public escalators and even elevators that can help you get up the steep slopes of the city. There are also a few ferries that will help you get where you need to go.

Boating is a huge industry in Monaco as well. Many wealthy travelers buy private yachts and bring them here — some people like to sit by the water and look at those grand old yachts in action. There are small cruise ships that come in and out of the area as well.

Renting a bike is a pleasurable way to tour all things Monaco, but there are taxis as well as buses that you can turn to. The tickets aren’t expensive at all, and there’s even a night bus service. This means that there’s no reason to rent a car when you can let someone else do the driving!

Let’s talk about all of the things to see. You’ll see museums, the Monaco Palace, plenty of shopping smalls, spots to rest along the harbor and even some casinos. Gambling is a pastime to be had in Monaco, and many of the local casinos definitely focus on style, luxury, and comfort. Things around the casino are going to b ea little pricey, but there are some bargains to be had in Monaco — don’t get scared!

The Monaco Cathedral is absolutely beautiful, and it actually stands on the site of a 13th century earlier church that is no longer standing. You’ll actually find some pretty good restaurants in the church square, so don’t skip over this spot if you’ve really got an appetite.

The Jardin Exotique is another attraction that you have to see in Monaco. It’s gorgeous with plenty of desert plants as well as some subtropical plant life that is pretty cool.

Marine flora and fauna are displayed in style at the Oceanographic Museum and Aquarium. It’s located 279 feet above sea level, and there are tons and tons of things to look at. The ground floor is filled with exhibitions, and there’s even stuff in the basement to see — like the ability to actually look at the aquatic life in their own habitat. There’s a restaurant on the museum grounds, so you have a chance to get a bite to eat with no trouble.

If you’re into the finer arts, there’s the Monaco Opera House as well as the Marlborough Fine Arts Gallery. It’s absolutely gorgeous with tons of paintings by a lot of world favorites — Picasso, Brassai, Bourgeois, Chihuly, and Matisse.

If you’re going to gamble, you’ll need to make sure that you bring your passport — Monegasque citizens are not allowed to gamble at the casino. There’s a strict dress code — you will need to be pretty stylish at most of the casinos like the Grand Casino. If you go to other casinos in Monte Carlo, you will not have to pay an admission fee nor will you have to get dressed up.

Racing fan? There’s the Formula 1 Grand Prix, which attracts just about every racing fan that can afford it. There’s a reason for that — the Grand Pix is 77 laps around nearly 263km of the most narrow and twisted streets you can think of. The cars get pretty close to you, which is thrilling for any true racing fan.

If you really want to get adventurous, you can check out France and Italy from Monaco as well. Many other European cities are available by plane within a 2 hour trip, which makes for a lot of fun world adventures.

Shopping is something that can be done, but you must keep in mind that many things in Monaco at large are designed for the well to do. Luxury is going to be everywhere you look. Even if you don’t want to buy anything, there are plenty of gorgeous things to look at. Boutiques are everywhere and a lot of custom items can be purchased.

So, what about food? Well, since Monaco relies so heavily on tourism, you can definitely bet that there’s going to be a lot of delicious food for you to check out. Just about every type of cuisine you can think of is going to be represented here. When the rich and famous come to Monaco to play, they don’t want to hear no for an answer — which is why so many options have come to bear.

If you’re into drinking, champagne is considered nearly the national standard in Monaco. But it’s going to be pricey, so watch out!

Not sure where to sleep? You should check out the Monaco tourist information center — they will help you make calls and find somewhere to sleep. Keep in mind nothing in Monaco is going to be super cheap to sleep in, so if that’s a problem you might want to go just outside the border where a lot of budget places have set up shop.

Overall, you will find a pleasant and delightful experience awaits you in Monaco. It’s a separate nation from France that definitely has its own vibrant points and places of interest. The people are warm and friendly, and they just can’t wait for you to visit their country and truly take in the history of all things Monaco — why not book your holiday today? You’ll be glad that you did!