29 May 2024

Convincing Your Spouse to Travel Away From Home For Your Next Holiday

We all love travel, but some of us are a little more hesitant than others. If you are trying to convince your spouse to travel away from home for your next holiday, we totally understand. Usually one spouse or another has reservations with traveling. We tend to see what’s in the news and overreact, worrying that things aren’t going to work out the way we expect them to. As long as you can focus on the bigger picture and not jump to conclusions, you’ll be fine.

What do we mean by conclusions? Well, a lot of people like to just assume that their partners are going to automatically say no, or that they will end up in a big argument. It’s important to practice good listening skills. Have you ever asked your spouse why they don’t want to travel too far from home? If you just had a baby, they probably want to make sure that the child is a little older before you start fluttering all over the world. Or they might have sick relatives and want the peace of mind that comes from only being an hour or so down the road. They can’t get that if they’re halfway around the world.

Travel Away From Home

They might be worried about whether or not the area is truly secure or not. There are just so many different factors that play into someone’s hesitations that you are best asking them personally. Make sure that you do it during a period where they’re not stressed about anything else. If they have work stress on their mind, they’re going to be thinking about politics at work more than your request. If they’re trying to balance the books, then they’re going to be worried about making that connect together more than they will be about anything that you actually have to say. There are a lot of different worries that we all carry around, and a little compassion definitely goes a long way.

Being able to reach out for other people is always a good thing. The more that you can focus on this, the better off you will honestly be. You will have all of the power in the world to get things done the right way, and that’s always a good thing.

Why not set aside time to show them photos from the country that you’re interested in? If they’re worried that they will not be able to integrate into the culture, tell them that’s not what you worry about when you travel.

The truth is that when we travel, we’re going to be outsiders in a way. That’s the whole point. It’s one culture appreciating another. It’s one party appreciating what the other party lives through each and every day.

You don’t have to rush from home to halfway around the world. Start with a trip that’s just a few hours away from home. The point here is to escape our regular reality for a little while. If they seem fine and refreshed, they’re going to want to keep going. If you ease into things, you’ll get a better acceptance than if you were to just plunge into everything without thinking about how your spouse feels.

In fact, you might be surprised to find that this is a big fear with a lot of non travel ready spouses. They worry that they will be forced to go somewhere that they don’t want to go in order to “keep the peace” in a marriage, and that’s just not cool.

As long as you are willing to keep the lines of communication open, you just might find that you’ll get that ultimate holiday that you always wanted!