29 May 2024

Corsica Holidays – A True Classic For a Reason

Most in the UK have long come to Corsica for their annual holiday, but even if you’re not into the practice there’s still a whole world of information that needs to come out about Corsica. It truly is one of the nicest destinations on earth, and there’s a lot to see and do there that just cannot be ignored.

So if you’re in the planning stages of this year’s holiday, we would definitely love for you to come and check out everything that there is to see and do when it comes to life in Corsica!

Even though it might sound like an Italian destination, it’s actually a French island. It’s a popular holiday spot for travelers for a lot of different reasons. The island is truly beautiful, with so much diversity in terms of wildlife, scenery, and even the people. It’s been protected against heavy development and tourism efforts, which makes it even more treasured. A lot of visitors to Corsica like the fact that there’s not a lot of heavy development, yet there’s still enough structure there that you don’t have to feel like you’re going to be in the middle of nowhere. It’s just a matter of really seeing what you need to do and what you need to avoid, honestly.

What you need to honestly avoid is waiting till the last minute. If you know that you want to make this your holiday destination, it’s definitely a good idea to book as early as you possibly can get away with. During the summer months, everyone swarms this island and it’s hard to get a hotel or even a mere campsite. Car rentals are just as problematic, so you’re going to need to make sure that you plan accordingly. It’s all about making sure that you get your choice of accommodations rather than just having to take whatever’s available.

Being able to speak a few words of Italian or French is going to help you while you try to navigate from place to place, but many in the heavy tourist sections will even speak a bit of English from years of exposure.

Getting around Corsica means renting a car. Yes, there is some public transit, but it’s very unreliable and you could end up missing scheduled tours or even getting back off the island. You need to make sure that you have enough money budgeted for car rental. As long as you have an international driver’s license, you should be just fine in this regard.

What about all of the things to see and do? Well, since you’re going to be in the middle of an island, you will have the chance to do a lot of long distance walking. The hardest trail on the island would be the GR 20, which takes nearly 17 days. If you’re used to this type of long distance walking then you can do it in less time. However, if you’re a newbie you might have to take a little more time. Camping along the trail is also a good idea. You will also need to make sure that you’re very good at reading a map, because it’s very easy to get lost and wander off the trail.

If you want a shorter trail, you might want to check out the Mare e Mare Sud, which is about a 5 day trail.

Since Corsica is an island, there are actually plenty of beaches to be had. The sand is wonderful and the water in summer is nice and warm. There are opportunities to snorkel and even scuba dive. You’ll see plenty of aquatic wildlife to make it worth your while.

Windsurfing and even kite surfing is popular, and there are operators right on the beach that will offer these services for you. Sunbathing of course, is free and lets you sit back and just enjoy the best that life has to offer.

So, let’s cover the food, shall we?

Since the island of Corsica has been influenced by both the French and the Italians, you’ll find plenty of that cuisine here. Chestnuts are considered one of the island’s mainstay foods, and there’s going to be plenty of dishes on the island that feature it.

Pig and boar meat is also considered a high delicacy, and many charcuterie options are available — lonzu, coppa, ham, figatellu, and saucisson are all produced here. Local food is often the best food, but it can be difficult to find. Many restaurants are more worried about trying to serve tourist tastes than serve up a slice of true authentic Corsican dishes.

If you get a chance to shop, there’s a lovely olive oil produced all over the island that you can take back with you.

Corsica restaurants also produce their own cola, as well as many types of beer that are native to the island.

Overall, Corsica is a very safe place that has plenty of outlets for rest and relaxation. So if you’re thinking about finally getting a chance to step out of your normal life, you really can’t go wrong with choosing Corsica as the best spot to do it at!