14 April 2024

Cottage Holiday in the UK

As the summer of 2012 draws nearer and nearer, thoughts move to holidays and plans to enjoy the weather, the school holidays and a time together as a family. A UK cottage holiday makes the best sort of family holiday for so many reasons, here’s why:

Space for everyone!

Staying in a cottage means that there is plenty of space for everyone. There is nothing worse than the whole family being crammed into a hotel room, the kids wanting to go to sleep and you creeping round the room trying to make as little noise as possible. A cottage holiday means that the children have space to play out in the garden during the day and mum and dad can enjoy some time together as a couple when the kids are upstairs in bed.

Get away from it all

Get away from noisy hotels and being surrounded by people. Who wants to hear closing doors and people traipsing up and down the corridor when on holiday? A holiday in a cottage is a great way to escape from the rushing around of day to day family life and make the most of time together. Enjoy scenic views and walks from your doorstep, slow down the pace of life and make the most of precious holiday time.

Make the most of being self-catered

A self-catering holiday is great when travelling with children. The freedom to enjoy your own cooking facilities and food means less hassle for everyone. Self-catering cottages usually have all the utensils for cooking up a lovely meal. And, if you don’t fancy cooking, order a take away to enjoy in your own accommodation or treat yourself to a meal out in a local pub or restaurant.

Lots of days out

Try something different and visit a part of the UK that you haven’t been to before. With so many fantastic destinations, you will be spoilt for choice! The UK is small enough to see lots in a short space of time so from a cottage in the Lake District you could also take a trip to the Yorkshire Dales or even into Scotland for a day out.

Take your pets

Forget leaving the dog at the kennels whilst you set off on holiday! A cottage holiday means that you can bring the family’s four legged friend along too. A man’s best friend deserves a holiday!

Ultimate flexibility!

Staying in a holiday cottage means that you have the ultimate flexibility to come and go as you like. Whether you fancy a weekend away, a week or even longer, a cottage holiday is the perfect solution!