29 May 2024

Don’t Let Travel Insurance Cost You More Than What It’s Worth!

Travel insurance is something that we believe every traveler needs to invest in, but does that mean that it has to be too pricey? Not at all.

Knowing Your Cover Types

Not every travel insurance policy is going to be equal to another travel insurance policy. One of the top things that you must remember is that it’s all about risk. So if you were planning a nice holiday at a ski resort somewhere, you might want to make sure that you have that added risk built into your cover package. Winter sports cover is very popular, and there are also packages for people engaging in deep sea diving and other water oriented activities where there is definitely a risk of injury.

The more that you can plan into your routine, the easier life will honestly be for you.

You might feel that you don’t need travel insurance since you already have your EHIC card. This is true in a sense — your EHIC card enables you, as a UK resident, to the same type of health care that residents in the country you’re staying at receive. However, there are exclusions and if you go to get treated at a private clinic in the event of an emergency, you might not be covered by the EHIC. It would be better to get additional cover built into your annual travel policy.

The additions may only cost 8 – 10 GBP a week extra, which is cheap compared to the cost of catastrophic care — which can be anywhere form 100 – 250,000 GBP.

Going with the cheapest cover can really be the wrong move to make, especially when you think about what’s being left out. Do you really want to find out the hard way what your insurance will and won’t cover? That just wouldn’t be the right move to make on your part.

The more strategic option is to really dig into the fine print. We know that you have a lot of other things on your plate than just going to look at travel insurance policies, but it’s the fine print that separates plans. Look for waiting periods, exclusions, and any other points of interest within your plan. It’s not just about price — you have to look at what you’re honestly getting.

If you want to make sure that you keep your costs low, be sure to look at reviews of travel insurance policy companies. Reading what other people have experienced can help you steer clear of companies that aren’t going to take care of you at all.

Now is the right time to look into travel insurance. It is honestly one of the best services you can get, and will protect you in the event your holiday begins to turn sour!