29 May 2024

Enjoying Holidays on Majorca

As one of the most popular spots for holidaymakers from the UK as well as around the world, Majorca has a number of wonderful spots to visit. It is the largest of the Balearic Islands, an archipelago of Spain, and is renowned for its pristine beaches and superior tourist accommodations and attractions.

One of the most alluring features of this amazing island in the western Mediterranean are the warm and lovely year-round temperatures. Travellers from the UK can find a place to enjoy some quality time on the beaches whilst folks back home are bundling up in winter coats and fighting their way through snow and slush.

For example, it is mid-March and the current temperature in London is 5.5°C which isn’t exactly unseasonably cold, but still too chilly for comfort. On the other hand, in Puerto Pollensa it is now 20°C and the beaches are sufficiently warm to enjoy a nice day in the sun before venturing out to enjoy a bit of night life Mallorquin style. Since tourism is the major industry on Majorca, there will always be plenty to see, plenty to do, and of course, plenty of delectable dishes to eat.

Accommodations range from intimate bungalows to corporate hotels, but somewhere in the middle you will find the most enjoyable places to stay. One of the highest rated hotels in Puerto Pollensa is the Hotel Sis Pins which is located on the beach and features a private terrace to enjoy the lovely ocean view without being tangled in the crowds.

There is a TV lounge, babysitting services and the famous Cappuccino Grand Café Majorca for some of the island’s most sophisticated cuisine enjoyed in a soothing atmosphere of background music. Whether you are ready to set out to visit the mountains or ancient ruins, Hotel Sis Pins and the Cappuccino Café are there to welcome you back in the evenings for a dinner set in sheer elegance and service that is truly fit for a king.