15 July 2024

Europe’s most cultural holiday locations revealed

Are you planning your next trip to Europe but wanting to skip all the sun, sea and sand in favour of something more cultural? Perhaps it could be the Colosseum in Rome or Le Louvre in Paris? There are many destinations to choose from – whether you want a weekend surrounded by Gothic splendour or the Renaissance glories of Venice.

Here is a list of some of Europe’s most cultural holiday locations:


Certainly one of the most romantic destinations in Europe, Venice’s elaborate system of canals, remarkable bridges and evocative piazzas have been inspiring and enchanting lovers for centuries. Unmatched in elegance, this city exudes both traditional and modern charm while much of its historical infrastructure remains intact. Ensure that you take a trip along the Grand Canal – a quintessential activity while in the city. Short breaks to Venice can be in high demand come high season, but for good reason: Venice is truly a European city that lives up to its hype.


Famous for Gaudi’s extraordinary architecture, as well as the more modernist architectural gems in the Eixample district, Barcelona is one of Europe’s most popular destinations. Whether you are a family looking for a weekend cultural break, a couple looking for a romantic escapade or a group of fashionistas looking for a weekend doing some shopping, Barcelona has much to offer. With its hip boutiques, traditional bars and fashionable restaurants, as well as some of the world’s most cosmopolitan nightlife, the city has something for everyone.


No historic or European cultural trip is complete without a visit to Berlin’s “Checkpoint Charlie”. Here you will learn about the infamous wall that divided East and West Berlin for so long. If you would like a loftier view of the city, take a trip to the Brandenburg Gate or the TV Tower. Berlin also offers many boutiques, bars and restaurants in the Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg district, where many young artists have set up in the old warehouses and industrial buildings.


One of the world’s most romantic destinations, Paris remains the heart and soul of French culture. Steeped in history, charm, elegance and art, the city provides a romantic vista of riverside bistros serving delicious fare, streets adorned with café’s and bars, exotic dancing, all-night drinking, and many a weekend’s worth of galleries and museums.


The largest city of the Baltic States, Riga in Latvia offers the lively cosmopolitan buzz of a dynamic European city as well as a whole host of historic and cultural attractions. Riga’s city centre is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, offering some of the most striking Art Nouveau architecture to be found on the continent. From art to entertainment there is much to keep you occupied as you work your way through the city’s grand selection of galleries, museums and venues. Riga’s towering TV and Radio Tower is the tallest modern structure in all the Baltic States.