22 June 2024

What is the Perfect Food to Feed Cats and Dogs on Holiday?

The simple answer to this question is: whatever cat or dog food they are used to eating. Taking the quality brand of pet food your cat or dog is familiar with will keep your pet content during travel, which can be quite an upheaval for an animal. Anything that helps keep them calm is a good thing. My dog is fond of Iams, so that is what I take with me. If I’m going to the Sardinian villa I regularly holiday in, I have a delivery sent there for the week of my arrival.

I’m rather precautions when it comes to my dog and therefore would never leave her in the care of someone else. There are obviously extremely well equipped and reputable kennels within the UK, but my personal choice is to keep my Yorkshire terrier Sandy with me. My family wouldn’t consider a family holiday complete without Sandy coming along for the experience.

Image Source: Creative Commons – By Eran Finkle

Sandy was raised on Iams dog food and I wouldn’t leave it to chance that a store would stock it in Sardinia, although I have seen it on the shelves once. If your pet is used to a particular brand, if your cat loves Iams cat food for example, make every effort to take some with you. The stress of the journey will be relieved somewhat by a bowl of their favourite food. Sandy instantly feels at home in our holiday villa when his bowl is filled with the food he associates with his home in the UK.

Anyone planning to take their pet abroad for the first time should visit the Defra site for some essential guidance on the regulations that must be satisfied. Since 1 January 2012, the UK has thankfully aligned its pet travel laws with those of the EU, meaning pets meeting the new laws need not be quarantined.

Maintaining the same quality diet abroad as back home is a great way to make your pet friendly vacation accommodation feel like home away from home for your cat or dog.