15 July 2024

Getting Your First Bikini Wax For the Summer Travel Season

Okay, so this isn’t one of our usual posts. The reality here is that we like to mix things up, and we love answering your questions. Let’s face it — looking good on the beach is something that we all want to do. So if you’re not sure how you’re going to do that, we have a guide for you. There’s nothing to be ashamed about — nobody wants to spend a lot of money on travel, only to find that they’re not quite beach ready.

So let’s get down to business — the first time bikini wax. In some parallel universe, getting your bikini line waxed for the first time has to rank somewhere between public speaking and dancing on stage in terms of fates worse than death. Fortunately, you’re on planet earth and your first time waxing really isn’t that bad.

Trust us here – with a little preparation, you’ll be in, out, and on your way to glittering beaches – or private pools. I’m not picky, and with these tips, you’re going to be fabulous either way!

Summer Travel Season

Here’s a couple of steps to get you started:

1. Stay calm. There’s a lot of horror stories online about bikini waxing gone bad, but that doesn’t mean your first time is going to be an experience you’ll never be able to live down for the rest of your life.

2. Get to know your over-the-counter friends. Nothing too strong, you know – Advil, Tylenol, Aleve, and Aspirin are all good for reducing any pain you might have when you go get your bikini line waxed for the first time.

You want to take the pain medication at least a few hours before you’re scheduled to go into the salon. This way, the medication has had time to take effect. The meds will reduce any swelling, redness, or inflammation you can encounter for your first time.

Make sure you don’t take too many under the impression that you will feel better for it – trust me, you won’t.

3. Go in confident. Yes, the waxer is going to see quite a bit of your body – but it’s really not a big deal. The waxing technician has seen quite a bit in their career – they’re professional about it.

4. Give your body a rest for a few days. Yes, the beach is calling. The sun is shining, the beach is calling, and we haven’t even gotten to the cute guys at the beach yet, have we? After your first bikini wax, you will want to let your body heal from the soreness and redness a few days before hitting the beach.

5. Schedule the next one! – For popular, trendy salons, it can be hard enough to get that first appointment – if you’re trying to become a repeat customer, make sure that you book your next appointment after your first one. This assumes that you are comfortable with your waxing technician, and you want to come back in the first place. Setting an appointment instead of just walking in makes for a smooth experience – you don’t want to be pushed to the back of the line when you’re on a tight timetable.

So that’s it – follow these five steps and you should be well on your way to a great day at the spa, the beach, and beyond!