14 April 2024

Good Etiquette When Staying with Relatives

Quite often a holiday can involve visiting or staying with relatives. This can be quite stressful especially if it is a prolonged visit and it is a good idea to take notice of a few tips.

One thing that can be difficult is to know whether to pay your family for staying with them. It is a good idea to talk to other family members about this and think about what is considered to be the right practise in your family. If they will not take money from you then it may be good to take them out for a few meals, drinks and pay for them if you have to pay entry fees for visiting anywhere.  If you think that they are likely to take offence then it is worth discussing the matter with them, asking them directly if you can give any money towards your keep and if not whether you can do anything else to help.

If you are staying for a long time then it is nice to not always be around. Take some time to read in your room, go out for a walk or whatever so that your hosts can have some time to themselves. They may want an opportunity to clean the house, change the sheets or just relax for a while and enjoy their own company. If you do choose to go for walks, then invite them along but explain that you would be happy to be alone if they would rather and then they will not feel left out but if will give them that opportunity to have some time by themselves if they need it.

It is good practice to try to get up just after your hosts and go to bed before them. This means that they have time to get organised in the morning and tidy up at night. It can be difficult to know when they do this but there is no harm in asking. It is also a good idea to find out when they take their showers so that you can have yours at a different time but let them know when so that they can make sure that there is enough hot water for you.

Try to be a great guest in every way. Make good conversation but give them the opportunity to talk as well. Be around but not too much and do not do anything to annoy them. Do not have expensive or annoying habits and be happy all of the time as much as you can. Be very grateful for everything they are doing for you, remember your manners and make sure they know how much you appreciate them.

Lastly try to keep everything neat and tidy. Keep all of your things in your bedroom rather than cluttering up the rest of the house and always try to clean and tidy up after yourself. Always offer to help with household chores but if your help is declined then leave well alone. Keep offering if you wish but do not try to do things without being asked because you may cause offence.

If you make yourself a good guest then you may get invited to stay again!