22 June 2024

Have You Unlocked the Mysteries of Bermuda Yet?

You might have only heard of Bermuda through the legend of the Bermuda Triangle, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not worth checking out on its own merits. Sure, this is the area where it’s said that Amelia Earhart’s plane crashed and disappeared, but that’s never really been proven. If you allow popular opinion to sway your judgment on everything, then you will never see the world as it is meant to be seen. This is definitely true through all facets of life, but the travel industry definitely understands this sentiment. Many authorities will simply tell you a place isn’t a recommended travel area because they’re working off their own fear, uncertainty and doubt. Is that really how you want to live your life? After all, you really only live once, so you might as well make the most of it.

The truth is that the country of Bermuda is a safe, everyday Caribbean nation that has a little bit of something for everyone. The rumors about Bermuda do nothing but end up threatening the country’s tourism industry.

Let’s set the record straight on Bermuda, shall we?

First and foremost, what makes Bermuda worth visiting truly is its location — Bermuda triangle aside. The water is incredibly blue and clear, the sand is very pink, and there are plenty of golf courses. It’s not all fun in the sun though — the island nation has a lot of historical significance as well. It has the oldest continuously populated town of English origin as far as the Western Hemisphere is concerned. In addition, you also have an island with a great and very strategic position in the Atlantic Ocean. Military leaders realized that from early on, and capitalized on it by building forts — and we do mean a lot of forts. It’s said that Bermuda actually has more forts per square mile than anywhere else on the planet! Wow!

If you’re going to plan a trip to Bermuda, it really starts with great accommodation. You need to make sure that any Bermuda hotels that you’re interested in are going to have everything you need to really have a great time. This means that if you’re traveling with pets, your hotel of choice should be able to accept pets with no problem. Now, that doesn’t mean that they’re going to just take your pets for free — you will most likely have some extra fees that need to be addressed. Still, if you want your family pet to enjoy those pink beaches right with you, then sometimes you have to work the extra costs into your budget!

You can find great Bermuda hotels in every price range easily and effortlessly by going online — there’s no need to try to make costly phone calls or run through a thousand travel agents all trying to offer you the same package at different prices and different terms. Those days are long gone, and we’re pretty glad to hear it.

Need some hotel choices and ideas? We had to highlight the Cambridge Beaches Resort and Spa. As the name implies, it’s really the full package. While it is pricey, you get just about every amenity that you could want and then some! There are 66 rooms, as well as 25 suites and even 3 two-bedroom cottages. There are also three restaurants, several tennis courts, a gym as well as a spa, and a set of pools to enjoy.

Breakfast is also included, along with a lot of activities that you can check out without even leaving the resort property. The downside is that if you go with this option, it tends to be a lot harder to really see everything that the island has to offer. Not because you’re barred from doing so, but with everything right at your fingertips you might be a little lazier and not want to venture out as much.

If we cover the high side, then we definitely have to cover the budget side. Our favorite pick here is the Erith Guest House. Tourists that have stayed here weigh in simply — the rooms are nice and clean. Some of the rooms have a private kitchen, which makes it a little easier to travel if you or anyone in your travel group has dietary restrictions or food allergies. It can be tough traveling that way, but places like the Erith Guest House make it a little easier.

The downside is that you’re farther away from the beaches, which means that you’re going to have to get transportation to get to them. This might not be something that you want to do based on your budget. However, if money isn’t that tight, you might find this a really great value for the money.

Speaking of food, how can we skip over the great dining options waiting for you in Bermuda? The island nation is actually a British territory, which means that it’s not a truly independent country. For diners into British food, that means you’re actually in for a real treat. Dishes vary from salted codfish all the way up to cassava pies. A lot of dishes are simple fare, which can be good if you’re not looking to get really fancy while you’re staying on the island. Of course, it should be noted that just because the standard dishes aren’t very high end doesn’t mean that there aren’t luxury and gourmet things to choose from on the menu. It’s just that most “high end” dishes are going to be things that were created for tourism’s sake rather than something that really reflects the way Bermudians eat on the island.

Again, if you really want local specialties, here they are:

Cassava pie — a Christmastime delicacy, but it’s being made year round now due in part to tourist demand for it
Bay grape jelly — a very sweet jelly made from super-sweet grapes
Bermudian bananas — think a banana is a banana is a banana? Think again — there are a lot of great bananas out there, but the ones in Bermuda tend to be sweeter than the ones you might be used to. They’re served with codfish, creating an interesting flavor profile.
Fish — plenty of fish, given that we’re talking about an island nation. Tuna rules the roost, along with rockfish and wahoo.

If you’re looking for drinks, you’ll find plenty of rum. Rum is the island staple.

The people of Bermuda are incredibly friendly, and tourists are often surprised at how easy going everyone really is. Bermuda gets very hot during the day, and you will usually find plenty of people offering water and other hospitalities. As long as you are respectful at all times, you should be just fine. There tends to be a lot of emphasis on respect — this goes back to the island’s British roots. Proper manners are considered incredibly important, more so than other countries. English is spoken throughout the whole island, so you shouldn’t have any problems. Aside from English, Portuguese is the second language spoken on the island, which gives it an interesting touch.

Since we started with safety, we might as well end with safety. You should understand that when it comes to safety on the travel, you’re actually quite safe. There is a trend that crime is on the rise, but it’s nowhere near the crime rate that other destinations in the region have. As long as you use common sense there’s really no reason why you should worry about crime.

Health care on the other hand should be a concern. Even though no one really wants to think about getting hurt on vacation, travel insurance is still recommended. You definitely don’t want to end up getting hurt and not being able to pay for it! Although your emergency will get treated, you will not be a beneficiary of the same system the British enjoy. The National Health Service is something that is done only in the UK proper, not in Bermuda. While the standard for health care is high, the costs are pretty high as well. Make sure that you know your travel insurance policy inside and out before you even book your trip.

So, are you thinking about Bermuda in a different way? We certainly hope so — now it’s time to get started planning your trip. Good luck!