29 May 2024

Holiday Time

With all the wet weather we have been having, it is likely that many people in the UK are wishing that they were on holiday abroad somewhere. Some may have already booked their holidays to Tenerife, Europe or even further afield to try to get a bit of guaranteed sunshine.

As used to the rain as we are in the UK, it can feel quite depressing for some people who like to get a bit of a sun tan or see some sunshine in the summer time. There are not many people who prefer the cooler winter days and hardly anyone enjoys the rain, despite the fact that we would not have a ‘green and pleasant land’ without it.

Some people are holding out in the hope that the weather might improve but others are just booking a holiday where they can get some sun. The problem with doing this now is that the demand is likely to have gone up and so the prices may have gone up as well. There are some last minute deals out there would could be worth looking in to and some holiday companies do not put their prices up as much as others.

It can be difficult to trust travel agents because of all of the horror stories that are in the press about them going out of business and leaving people with no hotel or flights home. However, using a company that is covered by ABTA and ATOL means that even if there are problems, you will be able to get it worked out pretty easily.

Researching holidays is quite easy with the Internet and search engines and there are also comparison holiday websites where you can find cheap deals. Comparison websites can be a quick and easy solution, but it is worth bearing in mind that many companies are not included on them and often the companies that are, can be more expensive because they have to pay the comparison company commission for the sales that they make.

It can be better to do the research yourself and look at all of the options available but it could be more time consuming. It depends on how much time you are prepared to put in to finding the best price for your holiday.

The good news is that, either way, even if the prices are increasing, you still have a good chance of finding some good deals.