30 May 2024

Honeymoon in UK

It has become traditional for couples getting married in the UK to honeymoon abroad but there are a lot of lovely places in the UK which could be visited.

A very romantic idea is to stay in a country hotel. A nights sleep in a four-poster bed, cooked breakfast and then on with the Wellington boots for a walk through the fields, a pub lunch and then back to the hotel later to change for dinner. It is great for all seasons as the English countryside is glorious in the summer but the hotels are likely to have roaring log fires in the winter which will be warming and romantic. There are a selection of this type of hotel all over the country and so it should be easy to find one at the destination which you had in mind.

The British seaside is always a good place to go as well. It is not massively romantic, but there are more secluded spots which are very pretty. If you can schedule your break away from school holidays and weekends it will reduce the amount of children around and it might even be best to go out of season. Some resorts are very touristy and this may not be what you want from a honeymoon but there are still some places which are quieter. There is nothing like holding hands and dipping your toes in the freezing cold sea!

A city break is another alternative for a honeymoon. This may not seem like an obvious choice, but there would be plenty to do. All of the major cities have great museums are art galleries as well as shops and park areas and so there are plenty of different places to go to. It could be a good chance to go to see these places which normally you may not have the time to visit or stay in one of those stylish London hotels you’ve heard your friends talking about. It  is lovely being able to share this type of experience together, especially if neither of you have been to the place before.

So before deciding that the UK is not the place for a honeymoon, think harder about what it does have to offer and how good an experience you could have.