15 July 2024

Incredible Majorca Holiday Beaches

Every year, millions travel to Majorca to take in the beautiful sights. As one of the Balearic Islands, holidays there are absolutely beautiful. The most beautiful of them is the beaches. There is no single best beach in Majorca. Some are perfect for families, others secluded and romantic, and there are also Majorca’s beaches close to the island’s nightlife.

You should research each beach and make sure you that it fits into the style that you want. Here are some of our favourites;

Calla D’or

Calla D’or is one of the highest rated family beaches for Majorca holidays. A quiet and clean beach, with alcoves through out. It does not allow any auto transportation on the beach, so it is very safe. There is also a great range of accommodations that attract people of all budget types.

Playa de Palma

Playa de Palma is the capital of Majorca, and the most booming place for those looking for a great time. Filled with a lot of nightlife, hotels, restaurants, you can find yourself at the beach, and out all night. The beach is big, but is also very busy, and would not be a great choice for a quiet getaway.

Es Trenc

While Es Trenc is very popular, it is still very well preserved. Also if you travel away from the middle of the beach just slightly you will find a quiet area of the beach that is just as beautiful. With not too many hotels around, you likely will have to drive to get to the beach.

Calla Millor

Another great beach with a good night life option is Calla Millor. There is plenty of entertainment options, including a golf course, Pubs with race nights, discos, and live entertainment. Calla Millor is located on the north east coast of Majorca.

Santa Ponsa

Located on the southwest coast, this beach is a great family destination with some night life options. British Pubs and restaurants are plentiful. The beach has perfect waters, and long stretches of sand.