29 May 2024

La Paz – the beautiful capital of Bolivia

La Paz is really beautiful city where you can see many interesting buildings and attractions. The city is the capital of Bolivia and one of the most interesting facts about it is that La Paz is the highest capital in the world. The center of the city is located at 3650 meters above the sea level and the beautiful landscapes which you will be able to see are simple unforgettable.

The close Mount Ilimani and the astonishing Spanish architecture of the city will easy make your stay really amazing and full of interesting adventures. La Paz offers numerous outdoor adventures like hiking and camping is the surrounding nature. But before you head to your extreme passions, you should quickly tour the city and see all its incredible buildings and monuments. The old center of La Paz in located in Murillo area and there you can visit the Parliament, the Presidential Palace and the Palace of Justice. The old town also has many more beautiful old colonial style buildings and churches with carved facades which are among the most beautiful colonial buildings in the world. You can also visit there the main cathedral of the city which was built in 1831 in neoclassical style. Another churches which will grab your attention is Santo Domingo, built in 1609 and Church of San Pedro, built during 18th century.

The center of the modern La Paz is located on Prado Avenue where you can visit many lovely restaurants, cinemas, shops and bars. There is located the San Francisco square which is starting point to many local ethnic neighbourhoods populated by Indians. Another attraction which you should visit in this area is the “Witch Market”. It is really interesting and strange place where you can buy different unique charms and jewelry created by the local people. You can find there and many artifacts and some of them really look old and worth their price. In this area you will also have a chance to visit many local and traditional cafes and souvenir shops and it is your best option to learn more about the local customs and traditions.

You can also visit many museums in La Paz. Some of the most famous are Costumbrista Museum “Juan de Vargas”, where you can see astonishing collection of ceramic dolls dressed in traditional costumes, and the National Archaeological Museum, National museum of Ethnography and the National Museum of Natural History and Art. These places really have what to offer to their visitors and you will be more than happy to spend there at least several hours and learn more about the great past of the country.

La Paz is really colorful city which can offer you many opportunities for pleasant and relaxing time. There are many hotels in the city which have everything needed for nice and unforgettable vacation. The beautiful nature around the city is great place for many outdoor activities . Close to the city are located many beautiful caves, valleys and high mountains and they are really great place for many cave divers, climbers and hikers from all over the world. If you have a chance to visit La Paz, just do not hesitate even for a second. Bolivia and its capital have what to offer without any doubt.