15 July 2024

Luxury Items Most Likely to be packed for a Holiday

Although most of us go on holiday to escape the stresses of our working week there are still a large number who can’t let go and insist on cramming their cases with home from home luxuries. There’s nothing wrong with this, of course, as listening to your favourite band or artist as you lay by a sun soaked pool is a perfect way to unwind, however it does mean you need to make sure you purchase travel insurance before you go away so you can be certain that all luxuries you take with you will be covered in the event of anything going wrong with them. Even the cheapest holiday insurance policies should provide an efficient amount of cover for a majority of items taken away so there isn’t really an excuse not to be covered.

What are the biggest luxuries we just love to take on holiday?


A favourite amongst business travellers in order to keep up with office on goings, there is an increasing number of those travelling for leisure who are taking them too. Often used as a way of staying in touch while on holiday, you need to be really careful to make sure an unfortunate incident doesn’t occur. As well as being damaged by sand or water when using by the beach/pool, laptops have become a desirable item of choice for thieves and so you may wish to use some deterrents. You are now able to download a tracking app to your desktop, for instance, or writing your postcode on it with a UV pen in case it does get stolen.


As popularity increases and Apple devices continue their quest for domination, it’s no surprise that many people choose to take their iPad or iPod on holiday with them. Once again, as a high end electronic good, they are a popular target for opportunist thieves so care needs to be taken when using outside the comfort of your room.

Mobile phone

An everyday item for a vast majority of people these days, mobile phones are really useful to have whilst travelling as they allow you to stay in touch pretty much wherever you are. This is great for personal security as it allows you to make sure someone always knows where you are – especially important if you’re travelling alone.


E-readers are also an extremely popular device and they’re great for those of us who like to go away with a whole library worth of books, as it means we now don’t have to take an extra suitcase in order to do it – A particularly useful gadget for long term travellers. Kindles and other e-readers are great to have, but they’re also something else you need to keep an eye on while you’re travelling to make sure they stay with you at all times.

Hair straighteners

Finally, we come to hair straighteners……and hair curlers…..and other electrical hair-related devices. It seems that no matter how humid the weather is on holiday, we’re still intent on trying to tame our tresses into something approaching normality. Vanity products such as these certainly warrant a place on the ‘luxury holiday items’ list.