22 June 2024

Our Best Last Minute Holiday Spots for the Summer

Last minute trips can bring out your inner creative person or your inner stressed out person. For most Britons, traveling last minute can be a real hassle. You have to stop and figure out where you want to go, if there’s a deal going on, and whether or not you can take the kids. After all, not everything is going to be as family friendly as you might believe it to be. That’s the trouble with trying to go through with things at the last minute. However, you’re going to get to shortcut through all of that stress right here and right now. Why? We have you covered. Instead of trying to spend hours researching where you want to go, we’re giving you a list of the hottest destinations to travel to. Instead of worrying, you get to basically pick the best spots to narrow your search. Saving you time is just something that we do naturally, so don’t think that you have to put all of that worry on your shoulders! We’re more than happy to talk to you about travel all day long!

Anyway, going back to the matter at hand. Below is a list of the hottest summer cheap holiday deals and destinations every UK traveler can sink their teeth into.

1. Turkey

Believe it or not, Turkish holidays are really making a comeback. You don’t want to think that it’s impossible to get a flight out to Turkey, or that there’s nothing to do. Even though a lot of people think only of the Mediterranean as a place to chill out on the beach, there are numerous Turkish beaches to check out. The people of Turkey are very friendly, and not all of the country gets into deep religious ceremony — that would be like assuming every last person in Italy is consumed with only the matters of the Vatican. While every European country has a deep and rich religious history, that doesn’t mean that you can’t travel with confidence. There may be parts of the area that are closed due to religious holidays, but in most tourist friendly locations this isn’t too big of a deal.

2. Crete

This Greek Island is always a rare treat for travelers. Even though it’s gotten popular, it’s really still retained a lot fits original charm. There’s nothing wrong with looking into package holidays to Crete if you really want the best that the country of Greece has to offer you.

3. The Maldives

Going to this island nation isn’t as cheap as some of the other holiday destinations on our list, but it’s definitely worth checking out. Why not look into it for your next trip? There are a lot of water activities since you’re on a small island country, which is fun for the whole family.

4. Spain

Spain has such a rich and deep history that it’s really hard to list specific areas of Spain. The entire country has always been very friendly to tourists, with a local population that is very proud of where they are from. You’ll have plenty of good food, good drink, and entertainment to pass the time.

Budget travelers and backpackers alike will like package holidays to Spain because they’re not left out in the cold either.

Make sure that you are really focusing on the bigger picture here, of course — the holiday that’s right for you depends on your goals. However, there really is something for everyone. We’ve given you a few choices but don’t worry — there’s plenty more where those came from! Stay tuned!