14 April 2024

Packing Well for a Holiday

If you are going away on holiday then it is always well worth planning exactly what you need to pack and then putting everything carefully in your cases. Think about the activities you will be doing. It is worth putting in something casual and something smart as well as everyday clothes because you will then be prepared for everything. Put in some good walking shoes as well as ones for travelling and hanging out in. Put in enough toiletries as although you should be able to buy what you need when you get there, it can be more expensive to buy them away from home.

However, do not panic too much about remembering every last thing. Most places have shops and you can always pick up last minute items at the airport and it is amazing how well you can cope without certain things for a while.

Pack carefully. If you are flying and there are several of you going then share your bags and cases and then if one gets lost you will not lose all of one persons clothes and things but a selection of everyone’s, you should be able to still manage well then.

The old fashioned way of packing is to put the heaviest things in the bottom of the case so that they do not crush the ironed clothes. However, cases get thrown around a lot these days and so it is better to just wrap the clothes  around the heavy items and hope that they survive the journey. Buying non-iron things is a good idea, but most hotels have irons so they could be pressed when you reach your destination anyway.

The most important thing is not to get stressed. A holiday is supposed to be fun and worrying about things like packing can take the excitement away and make it more difficult to have fun when you start your holiday.