29 May 2024

Queensland From a Bird’s Eye View

See the beauty of Queensland, Australia, from a completely new vantage point. Flying high above the city, the rainforest, or the sea, travelers will be awed by the beauty this unique destination holds. Whether visitors want to view Brisbane, beaches, or the Barron Gorge, there are options for everyone in the seat of a helicopter. Some flights offer views of the lush rainforest, while others display city sights. For a romantic ride, the twilight helicopter tour over Brisbane offers a view of the shimmering city lights, and guests enjoy a glass of champagne to sip while taking in the sights. Twenty minute helicopter rides are available, as well as 30 minute flights over the Great Barrier Reef, the world’s largest coral reef, and one hour expeditions that cover the Reef and the rainforest. Some flights offer views of marine wildlife from a unique view up above. These helicopter tours can be paired with other excursions such as cruises, tours of Green Island, a coral cay located in the Reef where lunch is served, and glass-bottom boat rides.

If a helicopter tour is a bit too much of a thrill, try a more relaxing hot air balloon ride. Launches take off from Cairns, Port Douglas, or Brisbane, and include experiences such as a flight over the Tablelands, a group balloon-deflating effort, or a relaxing champagne brunch at a vineyard after floating gently through the air. The morning ride offers breathtaking sunrise views. American Express Travel allows cardholders to see Queensland from a bird’s eye view at a fraction of the price. Members can book entire vacation packages through Amex Travel, from hotel reservations to flights and aerial excursions. This travel network allows guests to choose from a wide array of high-flying adventures using exclusive discounts and reward-earning options.

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As the largest network of travel partners, American Express Travel offers a wide variety of options for guests to see Queensland from the sky, including helicopter and hot air balloon excursions. Of course, all of these air tours over Queensland could become very expensive. Luckily, when members book with Amex Travel, they enjoy exclusive savings and perks. For each dollar spent on a hotel, car hire or experience, cardholders earn an additional bonus point. These points can then be used to pay for the travel if the member desires to do so, or payment can be split between points and other payment methods. In addition, the booking website offers special discounts and upgrades that can make these aerial expeditions much more affordable. Experiences that have a savings or earn reward points are notated on the website.