29 May 2024

Saving Money on a Cancun Trip

Cancun has become one of the poplar beach destinations around but if you don’t watch what you spend, you could end up spending thousands of dollars more than what you wanted. Because this is a pretty big trip, you might want to start saving ahead of time, but to help you save even more money, here are some valuable tips.


Taxis can run a lot of money in Mexico and if you need something to get you from the airport to the hotel or lodging area you are staying in, consider a bus. This can save you a lot more money that you don’t have to spend to begin with. Taking a bus will take you to the hotel as opposed to taking a taxi which can get rather pricey. While taking a taxi may seem more convenient, you’ll be paying at least 6 times more.

Cancun Trip

Forget the Resorts

While it’s desirable to stay in a high class top of the line resort while in Cancun, consider skipping them all together. Resorts are going to cost you several hundreds of dollars more and you might want to consider traveling outside of Cancun some to find a resort there. You might find a better deal as opposed to being in the heart of Cancun, and some may even be right on the beach. Most times you can walk in and get a room while other higher end resorts require reservations.

Pay in Pesos

Most businesses that are in the area will accept dollars which is convenient for many, but paying in pesos can save you more money. There are a number of stores and other restaurants that won’t give a high conversion rate on your dollar meaning you are going to go through it faster. You should also watch out for places that charge tourists higher prices. You can tell them the price is too high and chances are you’ll get offered a better price. However, street vendors might be the only ones you can work on the prices with since stores typically have a set price for their items.

Traveling to exotic places can be a fun experience but saving money is also another part of it. You want to get the most out of your experience so with these tips your trip will be more enjoyable allowing you to enjoy the sights and sounds of Cancun.