29 May 2024

Several Extreme Tourist Destinations

Do you want to try something that will raise your adrenaline to the max? You’ve come to the right place! Here are some fresh ideas and suggestions for you. These extreme tourist destinations are perfect for people who are not satisfied with the traditional and sometimes boring beach vacations.

Crocosaurus Cove in Darwin city

Would you have the courage to confront a crocodile, if there wasn’t a cell? Hardly. Yes, but for all visitors of Australia, there is this unique tourist attraction and if you want you can have face to face meeting with a huge croc, without risking to be cracked in seconds.

 If you are among the few people who seek a thrill from close meeting with formidable jaws, then with the help of transparent glass cage you can make your dream come true. The experience is really unbelievable and you will remember it until the end of your earth days.

Base jumping in Norway

Norway certainly has delightful nature and breathtaking landscapes, including chilling rocks that call people to climb and then jump from the top. Thrill seekers, photographers, hikers and climbers are most of the people who dare to enjoy these majestic views of nature. If you want to feel like Superman, it’s time to visit Norway and improve your base jumping abilities!

Iguaçu Falls

Higher and wider than Niagara Falls, Iguaçu Falls are one of the most spectacular places that can be seen across the globe. Consisting of over 300 waterfalls, you will never regret that you have visited them. For $ 15 you can make a boat trip around the waterfalls and it will be definitely one of the most extreme adventures that you will never forget. However, this can be quite dangerous and you have to be aware that if something goes wrong then it can be catastrophic. That’s how extreme Iguaçu Falls are.

El Caminito Del Rey road in Spain

If you are a true seeker of adventure and high adrenaline, then head to southern Spain to experience the memorable feeling of crossing the road El Caminito Del Rey. You don’t need to be experienced climber. The only requirements are that you must be at least 20, and not to have fear of heights. The road is also known as the “path of the King” and it was originally built in 1905 from local workers to move between the two hydroelectric plants. The route, however, was closed in 2000 after two people fell into the abyss.

Zorbing in New Zealand

Zorbing is an extreme sport that allows you to roll down a hill in a giant inflatable ball. The extreme sport is relatively new and if you don’t have some stomach problems then there is nothing wrong to try it if you want better adrenaline rush. Nowadays, you can practice it all over the world but in New Zealand you will enjoy it most.