29 May 2024

Stay Organised: Top Preparation Tips to Stay Stress Free

When planning your dream trip, whether it’s a family fortnight in the sun or a no-expense-spared round the world trip, the key to keeping the plans free of hassle is to stay organised and one step ahead.

Once in a lifetime adventures could be the best thing that has ever happened to you and your travelling companions; however, it could so easily go wrong if you don’t plan the details in advance. The worst thing that could happen is for you to realise you’ve forgotten vital components of your trip, whilst boarding the flight to your first destination. There’s plenty you can do in advance, to ensure your trip is stress free and unforgettable for the right reasons.

planning your dream trip

  • Organise Vaccinations – Depending on where you go in the world, vaccines or a course of tablets, may be required. Seek advice from the travel clinic so that you’re aware of the various recommendations, such as anti-malarial medication for a trip to India or Indonesia, or yellow fever vaccinations for a stay in the Caribbean. For trips of less than 2 weeks, head to a travel clinic 10-14 days in advance; for trips longer than a fortnight, plan to begin a course of vaccines a month ahead of departure.
  • Plan your Baggage – This can be a bit of an issue, particularly if you’re heading off on a month-long world trip. The last thing you need is to be overloaded with baggage, hopping between destinations. Plan carefully; take items that can be mixed and matched. Pack lightly, use every nook and wash clothes when required.
  • Sort your Cash – If you’re travelling to various destinations, being aware of your money is essential. Most resorts will give access to ATM machines so that you can withdraw as you go; if this is the case, make sure you have informed your finance provider that you will be using your card abroad. If there are charges involved, it may be worth opening a new travel-friendly account, just for the occasion. Keep a little bit of cash in your purse, to change into local currency as you go, or use travellers cheques where accepted. Most importantly, make sure you keep your money zipped up and safe – pickpockets are could be rife in busy areas.
  • Check your Passport – Most people will know someone who has had to go through the panicked ordeal of rushing to renew their passport the day before they fly. Check your passport in advance and make sure there’s plenty of time remaining before it expires. You usually need at least six months remaining after your return date.
  • Inform your Neighbours – If you have a neighbour you can trust, or friends and family nearby, let them know when you’ll be away and how long for. Give them a spare set of keys so they can keep an eye on your house, or use a timer for lights to keep intruders at bay.

Most of all look forward to your holiday and the freedom of exploring faraway lands. With plenty of tips and advice from the travel clinic and online, you’ll never be short of help, to ensure your holiday goes by without a hitch.