15 July 2024

Sun, Sand and Sales: Last minute holiday shopping tips

Now that your beach holiday is only moments away, you can dare to dream of what the really looks like and kit yourself out with all the holiday paraphernalia you can get your hands on.  Particularly as there are some amazing sales on …


Shopping for ladies swimwear is a joy, where hundreds of items are on sale at next to nothing. Choose from tankinis, bikinis, bandeaus, shorts and briefs in a multitude of colours and styles. The key is to find swimwear that suits your body shape. So, if you’re athletic it’s important to stay away from bandeaus that will only minimise your chest. Instead, opt for bust-enhancing halter neck tops that will leave you looking like Ursula Andress as you emerge from the sea.

Planning for a beach holiday can be rather time consuming and expensive which may leave you on a tighter budget than you expected. Consider answers.com promo codes to buy everything you want for your beach holiday without it taking up a lot of time.


You’re going to be basking in balmy temperatures soon, so it’s important that you invest in at least a couple of summer dresses so have a last-minute shop and pick up some gorgeous maxi dresses that will have all the fashionistas squirming in a vat of envy as you slink and sashay past.

It’s said that shoes are the backbone of every outfit, so take your vacation in your stride knowing that you packed some fabulous footwear. A ‘sun, sand and sea’ getaway cannot be complete without the obligatory pair of flip-flops.

Footwear is heavy, so word of advice: avoid packing all your favourite heels. Aim to pack at most five items of footwear which might include: a fabulous pair of killer heels that will go with everything; a pair of elegant flats (think of strappy gold thong-like sandals delicately decorated with a jewel or some other defining embellishment – the epitome of smart casual); espadrilles (team them with a maxi dress – there’s nothing better); a pair of comfortable running shoes for those long walks (or the gym if that’s your thing), and of course, your favourite pair of flip-flips for the pool and all those trinket shopping strolls.


The chances are that you’ll be seeing some serious rays soon, so don’t forget to protect your eyes. And the bigger sunglasses you sport on holiday the better. The skin around the eye is the thinnest and often the first place to show signs of ageing, so take great care of your eyes by using lots of sun protection throughout the day, moisturising the area well, and by flaunting a large pair of sunglasses.

When it comes to beach towels, opt for large and soft and bright. Do you always wonder why people buy those shocking pink, dazzling yellow or crazy coral colours for their holiday towels, swimwear or items of clothing? It’s because muted colours can look dull strong, direct sunlight. It’s true. Try it. Sometimes, brighter is simply better.