14 April 2024

Tailor-made holidays offer something more than package holidays

Most people have been on a classic beach holiday in southern Spain, at a resort filled with red-faced Brits, cabaret and two weeks of doing nothing but lounge by the pool, or nearest beach.

Nobody is denying that these aren’t fun, but they’ve been done before and are often only booked because no one can think of anything else.

However, there is a whole world to explore and with a little research you can find the perfect destination for you on a tailored holiday.

Tailored holidays offer a unique experience and will help you explore new cultures that you never knew existed. You can get a unique insight into the country’s cuisine, culture and history by exploring parts of the country away from the tourist hotspots.

The benefits of using a travel agent

If you book a tailored holiday through a specialist travel agent they will be able to advise you on the options available and the best things to do in each country. They will have experience with local guides and hotels, which will make your life much easier than trying to ‘do it alone’.

Most bespoke travel agents, like The Co-operative Personal Travel Advisors want you to enjoy the holiday as much as possible, so if you see a town or hotel that you want to visit then you will easily be able to add it to your itinerary.

A tour guide will help you to really learn about the place you visiting and will ensure you find all the best places rather than wasting time wandering around to find something else to do.

Don’t just sit there, go travelling!

Tailored holidays also give you the option of traveling, rather than having to be tied to one all-inclusive resort that you never leave during the time you are there.

In countries like India, Thailand and Morocco there is so much spectacular scenery to explore that it is almost a crime to stay in one place! You will be amazed by the differences in the scenery, food and atmosphere of the various regions.

No tourist traps

There are many countries where you just can’t get a package holiday because there isn’t the same demand – it would be a crying shame if you didn’t get to experience them.

Consider a holiday you haven’t been on before – a tailored ski package in Lapland, mountaineering in the Himalayas, or walking through the jungle – all things that need to be experienced to be believed. With a little imagination you can quickly find the perfect holiday for you.

They don’t have to be so adventurous though, as there are some spectacular beaches in places like Kenya and India that are yet to be conquered by mass tourism. So even if you just want a holiday of lounging on the beach, going tailor-made will make it so much more relaxing, and even more memorable!