29 May 2024

The Best In-Flight Accessories

For many of us flying is a necessary evil to get us to where we want to be. Not many of us relish the thought of cramped seats, limited bathroom facilities and bad food, and the longer the flight, the worse the experience.

Planning a long haul trip, especially one with children can be a particular trial. Keeping youngsters or tots occupied and calm in a confined space can be difficult, and get your dream family holiday off to a nightmare start.

cramped seats
There are, however, many items that you can consider cramming into your hand luggage to make any flight more comfortable and enjoyable.

Once you’ve got your accommodation booked, your transfers sorted, your travel insurance in place and your currency ordered, turn your attention to planning for the flight.

For Him

An iPod or iPhone is sure to make any flight go quicker. Listen to music, play games, watch movies – as long as the gadget is in flight mode and switched off for take off and landing then it’s fine. Or, if you’ve got the space in your hand luggage, why not go bigger and better with an iPad?

Of course, you want your gadgets to look good in flight so invest in a stylish case. Paul Smith has designer leather iPad and iPhone cases that are sure to turn heads.

For Her

If you like to read to pass the time while flying then a kindle can be your ideal companion. Upgrade to the new kindle fire and you can also watch movies and play games if the mood takes you.

Flying can be drying on skin and lips, so if you want to look good on arrival slip a tube of Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream in your handbag. Ideal for everything from moisturising skin to using as a lip balm, it’ll keep you looking good no matter how frazzled you’re feeling on the inside.

For Teens

A handheld console is always a winner and the new PSVita offers PS3 gaming on the go. Available now for around £199 it’s a good looking little handheld with a great selection of PS3 favourite including Little Big Planet, FIFA and Ridge Racer to choose from.

For Kids

If you have under tens then the traykit is a must have travel purchase. As good for car journeys as it is for flights, the traykit is a backpack that turns into a table when simply strapped to the back of the chair in front or placed on the tray table.

It’s a place for kids to keep their own snacks, books and toys, and comes in a variety of designs.

Another good idea is a handheld console such as the Nintendo DS or mobigo, depending on your child’s age.

For Everyone

neck pillow flight
Comfort is important while flying and neck pillows can make a big difference – especially if you’re hoping to catch some shut eye. They’re an inexpensive purchase, come in a range of colours and can be found in fun designs for kids.

Flying can be a trial no matter what your age.  Make it a more comfortable and enjoyable experience by being prepared with some useful in-flight accessories to help ensure that your flight is an extension of your holiday rather than a necessary evil that you dread.