14 April 2024

The top 5 cruise destinations around the world

Cruises offer travellers a comfortable and relaxing way to visit a diverse selection of different destinations in an inexpensive, all-inclusive package deal. You can choose from the many interested and exciting places to visit, from the most intriguing historical sites to the most awe inspiring beautiful landscapes.

With cruise holidays you can relax and enjoy all the that cruise ship has to offer. There are a wide range of activities from fine dining, live music, dinner and dancing. You can lounge around in the sun or spend your day swimming in the pool.

There are different types of cruises, some are based around one particular destination, while others travel to different destinations during the trip, you can even book last minute cruises for a special surprise getaway. If you are thinking of taking a cruise holiday then consider our top 5 cruise destinations for a truly memorable trip.


The Caribbean is often the first place people think of when taking a cruise because of the sunny weather and beautiful beaches. There is a huge choice of islands to choose from, and some of the most popular ports include Barbados, St Lucia, Antigua and the Cayman Islands. Some of the cruise lines even have their own private resorts in the Bahamas. There are some longer cruises that do sail from UK ports


The Mediterranean is popular with first-time cruisers as it is easily reached by either sailing from a UK port or by flying out to meet the ship. Most itineraries will cover either the Western Mediterranean, taking in places like Gibraltar, Barcelona and Rome, or the Eastern Mediterranean, which includes ports such as Venice, Dubrovnik, Athens and Istanbul.

Northern Europe

Most Northern Europe cruises will depart from a UK port, although there are some that depart from Amsterdam and Copenhagen, meaning that you will fly out to meet the ship and avoid the sometimes-rough North Sea crossing. A cruise around the Baltic Sea will usually take in the main cities with historical and cultural interest such as Stockholm, Helsinki and Tallinn, and will more often than not include an overnight stay on board the ship in St Petersburg.

Panama Canal

The Panama Canal is one of man’s greatest engineering feats and is an awesome sight to visit. It connects the Atlantic Ocean with the Pacific Ocean, and typically takes around 9 hours to travel though the narrow waterways and many locks. On either side of the canal are lush rainforests with an huge array of wildlife and beautiful scenery to enjoy. Cruises setting sail from California take in the Mexican Riviera on the way.while those starting in Florida travel via the Caribbean.


Alaska is very popular with cruise passengers. The virtually untouched landscape offers some of the most spectacular scenery in the world, ranging from towering snow-capped mountains and rugged cliffs to ice-blue glaciers and quaint towns. There is also no shortage of native wildlife such as sea lions, brown bears and humpback whales. Many people that take an Alaskan cruise will add on an additional stay either before or after the cruise, giving them the opportunity to explore the surrounding national parks by rail or coach.