22 June 2024

This is a Fine Time to Think About Heading Out to the Maldives

Hopping off to a great holiday is one thing, but where do you really go when everything just seems tiring and overdone? The Maldives, of course! We know what you’re about to say — yes, there are specials to hit the Maldives. This is a popular destination. But there’s something exclusive about the Maldives that has held on to this day. It must be the scenery — you just can’t get these views back in the UK. You can’t. It’s an amazing place for travelers, and it’s definitely time to check it out on your own terms.

It’s a long haul flight, which means that if you’re not a huge air travel person, this might throw you off. Don’t let it get to you — the Maldives is totally worth it. It’s a country that’s had a rough past — you might remember the tsunami that stuck in 2004. A country that’s based on tourism having a tsunami means a long economic recovery. But let’s move on to brighter topics, shall we?

The Maldives are basically a cluster of coral roofs surrounded by volcanoes.

Male’ is the capital of the Maldives, and it’s all about simplicity. Yes, there are plenty of resorts that cater to luxury hounds, but the truth is that it’s all about taking life a little slower. Clear sky, crystal clear water, and plenty of activities involving the water. Snorkeling is a must-do activity if you’re going to visit the Maldives, and this country definitely doesn’t disappoint when it comes to having plenty of great photography ideas.

Maldives holiday

If you’re going to be on the islands, you have to sit on the beach and look at all of the yachts and super yachts that come through. The Maldives has a thing for luxury. If you’re on a tight budget, this probably isn’t the place for you. There are still some value buys that you can explore, especially if occupancy is down due to weather or lack of interest.

Many UK holiday types enjoy the Maldives because English is widely spoken, at least in the capital of the country. You’ll find that even people who do not speak much English will at least try to point you in the right direction. Everyone is incredibly friendly. A good way to pay respect to the locals would be to learn some words of Divehi, which is the official language of the Maldives. There are phrasebooks available at most of the hotels.

Diving courses are plentiful here, given the location. It’s not just about the basics — there are tons of specialty courses to take as well. Getting certified to dive will also help keep you safe while you’re trying to explore the water around you. If you’re not trying to do all that, there are still plenty of chances to go snorkeling.

If you’re trying to come to the Maldives on a budget, you need to make sure that you’re going with a full board, all-inclusive package. This should include at least non alcoholic drinks. This means that you’ll pay a great deal to travel to the Maldives when your airfare is included, but at least you won’t have a lot of expenses when you finally land. You might be on the hook for all of your alcohol, though.

Tipping is something that you will need some extra money for — many servicepeople will expect a little something for their hard work in taking care of. When we say that the island runs on tourism, that’s exactly what we mean. It’s also a sign that you’re not just a cheap traveler that would ignore the needs of other people. There are some service charges worked into the bill at restaurants outside of your resort, so keep that in mind.

Worried about medical care on the island? If you have travel insurance and regular insurance, you should be just fine. Be sure that you plan ahead with this! The island is pretty safe, so theft is rather uncommon. You do need to make sure that you’re not opening up your risk for sunburn. The Maldives is right at the equatorial line. That means that the sun is really at its strongest. Sunscreen isn’t just something nice to have — it’s downright necessary.

We didn’t mention food yet, but that’s because you really have your choice of just about any type of cuisine you can think of. Seafood is the order of the day when you arrive on the island. The fish is caught and brought in for you. Thai and Indian food is very popular, but you can find plenty of dishes from around the world in order to cater to tourists’ tastes.

You definitely want to sleep somewhere nice. The price on a great hotel can be pretty expensive, but how many times are you honestly going to go to the Maldives? Go with an all inclusive resort if you can, but if spaces are full, go with a hotel that has plenty of amenities. This is an island well known for luxury, so you want to definitely enjoy as much style and comfort as possible.

No matter where you stay, you’ll find plenty of stunning views of the island. Why not check it out today for yourself? There are plenty of package deals to be found, and the season is right around the corner for having a great time in the Maldives. While we know that not everyone can just jump on a plane and go…isn’t it time that you treated yourself to something for a change? Think about it!