30 May 2024

Top 4 Things to take on holiday

Choosing what to pack can be quite difficult. However, often choosing what not to pack can be even harder. It is important to think hard and make a list and it can not only make packing easier but also quicker and keep your bags lighter.

First Aid Kit

It is always wise to have a selection of basic medical supplies with you, but it does not need to be too much. Most places you will visit, will have a shop selling everything you need, but it is a good idea to have some. In hand luggage or hand bag it is always wise to have tissues, wipes, paracetamol, antacids and plasters. In a medical kit in the suitcase I would have more pain killers, antacids, plasters and antiseptic plus antihistamine cream. If you take medication, you will need this and probably a doctors letter to go with it. I might have insect repellent if I needed it for my destination, but would lave it at that.


What you pack here will depend on where you are staying. If you are in a hotel, then you will have basic toiletries provided, if not then you will need to pack them. If you are going somewhere sunny then you will need sun tan lotion and after sun cream. You will not need moisturiser as well and so whether you pack these or buy them when you arrive, you will be slightly lighter this way. If you can, it may be better to get a shower cream that does hair and body. However, not all hair types can cope with this and so you may need shampoo and conditioner as well. If you are used to using a whole selection of hair products, skin products and make-up then try to keep things simple. Consider using the same thing every day and also perhaps tying up your hair so you do not have to use so much on it. You will also be able to buy things when you arrive so do not have to take everything you need in massive quantities.


Choosing clothes can be hard especially if you are not sure what things will be like. It is a good idea to choose outfits which can be dressed up or down and a set of jewellery which goes with everything. Wearing your heaviest clothing on the plane, will cut down the weight of your luggage. Also think about how creased things will get and try to pack things which do not need ironing. Try to find a pair of shoes which matches everything too and that will keep down the weight and bulk. Lastly, if you are travelling with family then mix up the contents of your cases. Then if a case goes missing, you will not lose all of one persons clothing.


You will need to think about what to take entertainment wise. These days an easy solution would be an iphone as you would not need an MP3 player or laptop as well. However, not everyone has them. Taking an MP3 player will cut down on carrying CD’s and a netbook or ipad is much lighter than a laptop computer. Using an ebook reader is much lighter than buying and carrying books.