22 June 2024

Top 5 Quiet Coastal Holiday destinations

f you want a dream holiday then there are many aspects which could make it great. It is always good to be in a place that is relaxing a quiet but also offers plenty to do. This can be difficult to achieve but the following places can provide this.

Ponte Vedra Beach, Orlando, Florida

This area has everything for couples and families. It is in Orlando, Florida and within easy reach of the them parks there, including Disney World. However, it has plenty to offer itself as well, with lovely beaches which offer water sports as well as a nature reserve nearby. The nearby towns and cities have plenty of shops, bars and restaurants and so there will always be something to do but being a quieter location, it will be easy to wind down. The weather in the area is perfect as well, with the sun shining all year round and temperatures only dropping to eighteen degrees in the winter.

Rockingham, Perth, Australia

Perth is the capital of Western Australia and the city offers everything you would expect from a big city with interesting buildings and museums, shops and restaurants. There is also a lovely park in the centre which even has some natural bush to explore. It can get crowded and so staying just on the outskirts in the coastal town of Rockingham can provide you with a more relaxing retreat and also a lovely coastal location for your vacation. The towns in the area have a great contrast of old and new buildings and an interesting history.

San Diego, USA

San Diego is an interesting city with a port and plenty of shops and it also has an interesting port and coastal shopping and eating area. It has a selection of mainly modern buildings but there are some interesting areas, including the old town which is still in the Spanish style, dating back to when this part of the country belonged to Mexico. Being very close to Mexico gives an opportunity to explore a different culture. San Diego is also close to LA so you can easily explore the beaches and museums there without being too close to the hustle and bustle of the big city.

Brighton, UK

If you like the idea of traditional UK beach holiday but want to be close to a big city, then Brighton is a great choice. It is very close to London and so you can experience everything that this vibrant city has to offer with the shops, museums, art galleries and restaurants. Although Brighton does attract a lot of visitors from the city, it does have its own character. It is much more relaxed and has a completely different range of restaurants, many of which are vegetarian and bars, some of which are gay ones. It is well known for how welcoming it is to the gay community but is also a popular holiday resort with families.

Playa de Gandia, Spain

The beach here is set on the beautiful Costa Del Azahar coast and has plenty to offer the visitor. It is quiet and has lovely countryside to explore as well as the beach and plenty of small towns and villages around. There are even a good selection of golf clubs in the area, as well as other sporting facilities. However, it is within an hours drive of Valencia, where you can shop, eat out and explore the museums and buildings of this interesting city.