29 May 2024

Top 5 Things to Have on a Plane

Something to Read

Often there is some sort of magazine on a plane, but it is not normally too interesting and does not last long. If you like reading then consider buying a newspaper, book or magazine at the airport. This will mean that you can carry it on without having to have it added to your luggage allowance. However, for the ultimate light weight solution an ebook reader is the perfect solution. With many free ebooks available as well as lots of cheap and quality products it can be a great investment.

Something to Listen to

There is normally a selection of radio stations available to listen to on the plane. However, this will not keep you entertained in the airport and may not suit your taste. It is therefore a good idea to carry something with you, if you are a music fan. Most people have an MP3 player and so it is a great idea to fill it up with your favourite tunes before you go away. But don’t forget the charger or batteries as you will find it runs out pretty quickly and you could potentially be hanging around for a while.

Something to Watch

Most planes have the option of watching a film, especially on long flights. This can be good because you get to watch something that you may never have seen before or something that you would not normally watch and find you enjoy. However, shorter flights do not have films and you may find that even if there is a film or a selection of them, you do not like them. It can therefore be a good idea to take a portable DVD player with you, with your own headphones, so that you can watch your own choice of film.


Planes always used to serve a meal and their reputation is improving with regards to food and drink choices and quality. However, some airlines are now charging for meals and snacks, especially on shorter flights. You may not mind paying, but if you have a special diet, are fussy or do not want to pay then it is a good idea to take some food of your own. This is also a good idea if you have children. With restrictions on what you can take in hand luggage, it might be a good idea to check with the airline as it is very possible that they may not allow you take any liquids on board, including bottles of water. They may also have restrictions on food. If they do not then it is a good idea to take high energy foods such as nuts, sandwiches and pasta salad. Try to avoid foods that make you bloat as air travel can have this effect anyway.


The temperature on a plane can be quite variable. It is therefore a good idea to wear layers that you can take off. Comfy shoes are also a must and it is also good to be able to take these off so wear some socks. It is nice to have an extra jumper or sweatshirt that you can roll up and use as a pillow if necessary too.