14 April 2024

Travelling Out of Season

If you want a relaxing holiday then it can be a good idea to travel out of season. One of the biggest advantages of this is that the prices are lower. This means that you can either have a more luxurious holiday than you had planned or save some money to eat out more or do other activities while on holiday. With most people having trouble with money at the moment, it is becoming more popular and it is a good way of getting a great holiday for less money.

Another advantage is that the out of season times tend to be when the children are in school and so there are less of them around which could be good if you prefer not to be around them. It can mean that many locations are that bit quieter which is nice for people who are not so keen on crowds and especially for those who are not keen on children.  However, if you do have children in school then it will prevent you from taking your holiday at this time. It is possible to take children out of some schools during term time but it will depend on the school and their policy for this and most places are tightening up so you will need to check with them first.

Travelling out of season will also mean that there will be less people travelling at the same time as you. It means that whatever transport you are using to get there will be less crowded and should therefore make for a more pleasant journey for you and whoever is with you. You will not have to leave so early, in case of a hold up and it should be  a more relaxing start and end to the holiday. All of the tourist attractions that you are visiting are likely to be less crowded too which means that you may be able to get better pictures and you will be able to move around them more easily.

There are some disadvantages to travelling out of season, however. The first problem can be the weather. The best weather tends to be in peak season and so you may not get the conditions that you would expect. If you do research in to the weather in the area then you should not be surprised and it may mean that you are happier if you prefer it to be less hot, for example.

Another disadvantage could be that there will be less facilities open Sometimes shops close and things like that when it is out of season. This means that you may have to travel greater distances to get things. This will of course depend on where you are visiting and you should be able to check this sort of thing in advance of booking your holiday.

It is important to note that some places do not change seasonally. Places like big cities tend to attract tourists whether it is winter or summer, term time or holiday time and so if you do want to travel out of season you need to check that this is a relevant decision to make with regards to the place that you intend to visit.