29 May 2024

UK Singles Holidays

Singles holidays used to be something always associated with going abroad, usually to the Mediterranean. However, there are now a good selection of singles holidays in the UK. There is also no age limit on a lot of the holidays when in the past they were normally for the young 18-30 and the such like.

It is a good idea to look at the holidays available and think about what sort of person would be taking that trip. Talk to the tour operator about it and see what age groups take those holidays most of the time as this will help you to find the best destination to allow you to meet the right sort of people. Also make sure that the trip is to a place or involves activities that you enjoy as it is important that you have similar interests to them.

There are a whole selection of things available. From trips to the Peak District Rambling to a Shakespeare weekend, from Glorious Goodwood to the Charms of Kent. There is even a singles 60′s weekend if this is something you think would be good. Some places even have breaks over Christmas and New Year as well as Easter. These are great because they are normally family orientated times and so it can be difficult being single. Going someone with everyone who is single means that you will not feel out of place and you may even be lucky enough to meet someone too.

It may just be friends that you make but being with single people creates a very different atmosphere than being among couples and families. It can remove that pressure of having to settle down somehow and can make you feel more likely to let your hair down. There is less likely to be someone there matchmaking, unless they are interested in you themselves and that could be a great thing.