29 May 2024

UK Tourists Turning to Corsica for a Great Holiday – You Can Too!

Need a quick guide on travel? Tired of wading through multiple pages to find another destination that sounds good? This is the guide for you. We wanted to highlight a rocking region of the world, and we found ourselves looking at the Mediterranean again. We just can’t help ourselves. This time, we’re covering Corsica as fast as possible while still giving you what you need to know. Ready? Set? Let’s go!

Corsica is actually a region of France, rather than Italy. Tough there’s influence between the two countries, that’s for sure. It’s a floating island right off the French coast. If that doesn’t sound like the backdrop to a great time, we’re not sure what does.

You have basically two regions — upper and lower Corsica. You can use your sense of adventure and explore either one. Major cities include: Ajacci, Bastia, Bonifacio, Calvi, and more.

Corsica beaches

This is a gorgeous island with plenty of scenery. People flock to Corsica in the summer, which means that there’s going to be a lot of competition for just about everything. Make sure that you book in advance if you’re going to really enjoy the best that Corsica has to offer. Last minute travel tends to really be hit or miss.

Corsica has its own language — Corsican. However, Italian and English also make their way in due to the rise of tourism. Of course, French is spoken because you’re still in France.

We normally encourage you to walk around or pursue public transportation. But the island isn’t really set up for all of that, and that means that you really need to rent a car. The bus system is too unreliable and you would do well to save yourself the headache.

Oddly enough, the biggest thing to do in Corsica is walk. You get to walk around, enjoy the scenery and peace. The hardest trail is known as the Grande Randonnee 20, and it takes 17 days. This is not a trail for the newbie hiker at all.

grande randonnee 20 corsica

You can find topographical maps at the airport before you get transferred to your hotel. Make sure that you’re really ready to embark on such a long hike before you start it.

Take the time on Corsica to enjoy peace and quiet — sunbathing, swimming, snorkeling. You can windsurf and kitesurf if you really want to. Skip your diet and eat the gelato — you won’t regret it.

Speaking of food, French and Italian reign supreme here. Some restaurants will be pricey, others will be cheap. It just depends on you, really. Make sure that you really look at the menu to see what’s actually being ordered. Charcuterie is a huge staple here, and it’s delicious!

Did you know that Corsicans make their own “coke” soda? There’s also great beer if you’re into that type of thing.

Corsica is incredibly safe — you don’t have to worry too much. A little common sense goes a long way, and the people are incredibly friendly.

You can hop to different Italian places if you really want to go, which means that Corsica becomes a gateway to an interesting adventure.

Our final thought? Go. Just…go. Don’t over-think it. Book early to beat the crowds, and take a chance. What’s the worst that could happen? You discover you don’t like it. So what, the world won’t stop spinning. Good luck and remember: travel is supposed to be challenging sometimes!