29 May 2024

UK Valentines Breaks

Valentines day is something which is celebrated a lot more in the UK than it used to be. It used to be just an anonymous card but things have really moved on now. Many restaurants have special romantic menus and people tend to eat out or have a romantic meal, exchange gifts and spend time with their loved one. It is also getting more common to have a break away for Valentines day.

Many hotels do weekend deals where you can get meals and accommodation at reduced prices. It is good to take advantage of something like this, although if Valentine’s Day does not fall on the weekend it may mean that it does not correspond exactly with the day itself. This may not be seen as so romantic but it could save the hassle of having to book days off work. It is a good idea to think hard about your destination as well. It will be February and therefore cold and may even be snowy. Although this can be very romantic, it may make travelling to and from your destination difficult and therefore it may be better to choose somewhere fairly local and somewhere that is not too far off the beaten track. The nearer to a city centre it is the more likely it is not to get cut off.

There are many romantic destinations in the UK to consider. City breaks can be good things to consider, hills or lakes can be pretty too and the coast can be very scenic. It is really down to personal choice as to which you feel will be the most suitable for the two of you.

It is a good idea to book in advance as places can get busy on this particular weekend and you may end up paying more money if you leave booking until the last minute.