29 May 2024

Visit a luxury destination without breaking the bank

Whether you consider yourself to be a stressful person or not, looking after yourself and taking the time to enjoy holidays is vital to your health. Getting away from the daily routine can make a huge difference, but many worry that you can’t get the best, relaxing holidays without over-spending. This just isn’t true, if you know a few tips and tricks.

Getting the feeling of luxury when you’re away from home is something we all deserve. There are so many destinations around the globe that we want to visit – from the Maldives to the Galapagos – and you need to know that visiting is easier than you think.

Find out how by reading on:


Choosing the right operator is quite important to make sure that you get the experience you’ve always dreamed of. But, while this is important, you need to weigh up the costs of the trip against convenience. You don’t want to fly across the globe without knowing what you’re doing and when, but by cutting out the agent and going straight to a recommended operator can save big, big money. What’s more is that we’ve seen the rise of fire sale and discount online stores like Achica that allow us to take advantage of enviable discounts and rates that make a holiday to Morocco or Hong Kong cost a snip of what you’d expect to pay.


Of course, where you’re heading away there are going to be some places that cost more than others to travel to. Cancun, for example, has become quite a popular spot with British tourists because of the all-inclusive and – comparatively – cheap packages that the five-star hotels there offer. There are other places as well, Greece is a great one because it’s well-known as a beach holiday destination, but there are many options for luxury stay in the country – Cyprus has a similar appeal. Other options include Thailand and, if you’re feeling adventurous, South American travel now has luxury tendencies that weren’t always a staple of travel to the continent.


If you’re thinking about taking a trip down to a luxury destination then you need to understand the costings. It may not seem like rocket science to go in off-peak times or at the end of the season and book budget flights as soon as possible but plans and life don’t tend to go hand in hand. Take advantage of the “shoulder season” between the high and low season and you will find the best discounts. If you’re a keen skier consider the Alps in Easter when the snow might now be as fresh but it’ll be good enough for a great holiday. Similarly, if you’re trekking to the Maldives then get book in between April and November because it’s known to specialise in winter sun for Europeans.

Everyone deserves a little luxury in life, and combining this with a holiday can help you recharge the batteries. But, don’t worry too much about high prices, with a little common sense and an eye on the shoulder season you will be able to take in golden beaches and turquoise seas within your budget.