22 June 2024

Visit Cumbria for an Experience of a Lifetime

Nestled in the North East of England and blessed with some of the most spectacular and outstanding natural views that this country has to offer, Cumbria is a non-metropolitan county established in the year 1974. Thanks to the excellent and well connected railway network and roads, reaching here is possible from all the major cities and nearby places. Vibrant valleys, azure lakes and verdant pastures welcome you to this region, which is renowned as one of the best places to explore the beauty of nature and enjoy relaxing and challenging past times.


Visit Cumbria

However, there is a lot more to this region, than just enjoying the spectacular sceneries. Due to the presence of many world class restaurants and cafes, it has become a paradise for food lovers, giving them a not to miss opportunity to relish local flavours and sumptuous delicacies, as well as taste a variety of international cuisines. Local farmers market is the best place to source fresh local ingredients and try amazing dishes prepared by those who have immense passion for quality food.

This place has a lot to experience for the lovers of art, poetry and music. The unique and breathtaking landscapes and picturesque lakes present here have inspired many writers and poets. The local cultural scene is bustling with theatre, street art and poetry programmes, giving tourists an opportunity to enjoy budding talent. Local pubs also serve as an ideal venue to listen to live music. Not only this, but local festivals offer you a chance to take an unforgettable musical journey with an invigorating mix of genres, including classic, rock, folk, jazz and blues. Make sure to take a peek into the bygone eras as this region is renowned for its fascinating history and heritage, which can be explored by visiting grand forts, museums and historic houses which still echo with past grandeur.

Fitness freaks and thrill seekers can expect to enjoy an overwhelming experience here as this place is full of adventurous and interesting activities. A variety of water sports, like kite surfing and kayaking and challenging mountain trails and long distance bike routes await you. For a more relaxing and rejuvenating experience, you can go for leisurely walks or enjoy evening strolls to calm your mind and body. Those seeking something different and unique can go for rock climbing, fishing and golf too.

No trip or holiday is complete without shopping and this region offers you an amazing array of items which can be bought and taken along as souvenirs and gifts. From high end boutiques and stores, to local markets and stalls, there is a huge variety of clothes, accessories, jewellery and furniture available everywhere to satisfy your urge for retail therapy.

The list of places to visit or activities to take pleasure in Cumbria is endless, giving tourists and vacationers a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the most memorable trip of their lifetime. Overall, this place is a complete package to behold the most refreshing and picturesque views and to explore the hidden gems of nature in pristine and peaceful environs.