22 June 2024

Want something more? Holidays that make a difference

Are you in the midst of planning your holidays this year and eager to try something different? Are you tired of the standard trip to Spain or lounging by the pool in Greece? How about somewhere farther afield, where new challenges that will broaden your outlook and change the way you view life await?

Currently, one of the fastest growing trends in travel is ‘Voluntourism’ which means travelling to volunteer. Voluntary work opens up doors to a wealth of fantastic locations around the world, and gives you the opportunity to make your mark and to give something back.

Perhaps you are a young person who craves something more meaningful and wants to give something back to the world while you travel? If you don’t have a passport, get one, take a summer, get a backpack and go to Africa, South East Asia or South America. Have your mind blown away by the new sights and smells. Eat interesting food, have an adventure, dig the local scenery and customs, do something meaningful and, above all, enjoy yourself.

You’ll come back and see your country differently. Whether it’s the climate, food, culture, government, shelter, or even basics such as water and electricity, you’ll get a real sense of what globalisation is all about. Prepared to be humbled by the generosity and determination of people who really know what it means to have it tough.

These kinds of experiences usually come hand-in-hand with voluntary work overseas. Not only is volunteering a fantastic way to see and experience the world, you’ll also make rewarding, interesting friendships along the way and the time spent working on new projects will have a permanent benefit on the communities you visit.

Original Volunteers offers an affordable and unforgettable experience overseas while completing invaluable charity projects in 18 countries around the world such as Kenya, Mexico, Thailand, Cameroon, Ecuador, Peru and Nepal. If you’re worried about the cost of volunteering overseas projects start from as little as £35 as week, including your food and accommodation.

If you’re interested in the environment and are looking for something more eco-friendly then you can always learn about biodynamic farming and organic growing in Australia. There are approximately 1,200 farm stays in Australia where you receive free accommodation and meals in the comfort of a family home in exchange for a helping hand. You’ll gain first-hand in-depth knowledge of many new eco-friendly skills from organic farming to animal care, and all that lies between.
Employers are impressed by charity and voluntary work on CVs, so if you’re curious about spending a summer working overseas you should give it some serious consideration while places are still available. Individuals from all ages, backgrounds or nationality are welcome and there truly is something for everyone.