29 May 2024

What Travelers Must Know Before Reserving a Charter Bus

If you are traveling with a group on a long-distance trip or series of trips, renting a charter bus is ideal. These buses make it more convenient for an entire group of travelers to reach their various destinations and the comfortable seating can not be beat. But just as with any other type of transportation method, travelers must be savvy when reserving their charter bus. Here is what you must know before reserving yours.

Charter Bus Benefits

One of the major benefits to renting a charter bus is possessing the ability to prevent the travel group from being split up. Everyone will be able to enjoy cold air-conditioning, bathroom facilities, and movies while traveling between destinations. The average charter bus capacity is 47-57 passengers while mini coach buses can hold an estimated 36 people. While a mini coach may be ideal for smaller groups, a lot of these buses do not provide a bathroom; however, they are great for city tours.

The majority of charter buses include television monitor/DVD combos that put out sound through equally spaced speakers. In order to make your decision a little bit easier, the rental bus company will show you brochures complete with pictures of their bus fleet.

Charter Bus

Planning Is Key

It is important to already have your trip mapped out before you make your rental bus booking in order to ensure that everything is coordinated with your itinerary. Since you are booking this bus for entire group of people, be sure to collect every person’s portion of the rental fees before signing the rental agreement. You do not want to be left responsible for the entire cost.

Book in Advance

The general rule of thumb is to make a charter bus booking at least three months prior to the selected travel date. This is especially true during heavy tourist months, which are usually the months through March to May. Be aware that many bus rental companies require a 10% deposit upfront.

Also, there are situations where cancellations and last-minute plan changes occur. This is why it makes it all the more important to secure every group member’s part of the cost so you will not be left footing the bill when the trip is over. There may be another deposit required for covering damages caused by overturned beverages and other little accidents. This deposit should be refunded as long as the bus is returned in a clean condition.

Passenger/Driver Relations

The amount of fun your group will have on its trip will largely be determined by how the group relates to the bus driver. This is usually nothing to be concerned about as long as you always treat the driver in a friendly, respectful manner. The higher the driver’s spirits are, the better everyone’s attitude will be. Tipping is always an acceptable way to show the driver your appreciation and boost his or her mood.